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“I bet Messi one hundred euros that it won’t be a penalty, It was.” ‘I will not compensate him; He has plenty! The unusual wager made by Poland’s goalkeeper Szczesny on Messi

On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, in the World Cup group C soccer match between Poland and Argentina at the Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar, Poland’s Wojciech Szczesny, right, makes a save in front of Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

“He’s flicked his eyelashes, the punishment is disreputable! “Rio Ferdinand, a former England player, takes issue with the contentious penalty. To stop the goal, Sczesny would make a diving save.

When Poland’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny’s hand grazed his face while saving a shot, the referee would rush to consult the VAR screen as Lionel Messi twisted and turned on the ground to claim a penalty. Szczesny and Messi would wager that there won’t be a penalty in the middle.

Szczesny stated to TV2 that :

“I told would bet him €100 that he [the referee] wasn’t going to give it.”Thus, I have lost a wager on Messi.A penalty would be given by Danny Makkelie, a Dutch official.

“I’m probably going to get banned for that—I don’t know if that is allowed at the World Cup! Yet, I don’t mind at the present time,” said Szczesny, who might save that punishment, plunging on his left side, and punching the ball with his raise right first.

But will he give Messi 100 Euros?He doesn’t care about €100, he thinks he has enough, so I won’t pay him either. He saved two penalties during the tournament.He stated to RAI Sport, “I was fortunate twice this competition.

“The World Cup is the pinnacle of a player’s career, and this is something special.It requires some effort as well, but you also need a little luck to prevent a Messi penalty. The Clean goalie had punched a shot from Julian Alvarez and when he backtracked to pocket the bounce back shot, his hand would brush Messi’s face.

Rio Ferdinand, an England defender, lashed out at the BBC, saying, “The penalty decision is disgraceful. “VAR has not been brought in for this purpose. For starters, he has flicked his eyelash, and the fact that the referee looks at it is an outrageous decision, in my opinion. He doesn’t even touch him.

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