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“I love you”- Previous WWE star responds to Alexa Bliss’ new photograph with current RAW Superstar

Alexa Bliss is a superstar who has labeled the hearts of an entire age of fans. They have a faction-like following for the Five Feet of Rage and will go too far in the red to shield their Goddess. Simply take a stab at dissing her on the web and plan for their rage.

They work numerous fan pages committed to her on different virtual entertainment stages and you can find interesting and old-school pics of her on them which we’re certain, even she doesn’t recall clicking. Since she orders such ubiquity, every single update from her becomes news for them.

Previous WWE Superstar CJ Perry otherwise known as Lana responded to Alexa Bliss’ new post which highlighted the previous ladies’ champion close by her label group accomplice, Asuka.

Bliss and Asuka were fruitless in guarding their WWE Ladies’ Label Group Championship against Harm CTRL individuals IYO SKY and Dakota Kai at the Crown Gem premium live occasion. Kai stuck Alexa after Nikki Cross meddled and went after Bliss.

Following the enormous misfortune, Alexa took to virtual entertainment to post a photograph of herself close to her label group accomplice holding the WWE Ladies’ Label Group Championship as she composed:

“Wasn’t the result we had expected however was a distinction to guard these titles and have this match in Saudi Arabia 🖤 @WWEAsuka.”

Answering Bliss’ post, previous WWE Superstar Lana mentioned the amount she loves the two ladies as she composed:

“I love both of you to such an extent.”

Look at Lana’s reaction underneath:

Asuka and Bliss had crushed SKY and Kai of Harm CTRL for the label group titles in the headliner on last week’s episode of RAW.

Vince Russo went after Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s headliner

Previous WWE head essayist Vince Russo went after Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s headliner.

While talking in a meeting with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Army of RAW, Russo looked at Bliss and Asuka’s headliner section to that of a Disposition Time match which included Farooq and Ken Shamrock.

He further definite why easygoing wrestling fans try not to watch WWE nowadays.

“I watched a match today, and Rock is starting to assume control over The Country despite Farooq’s good faith.

So he places Farooq in a tight spot where he needs to take on Shamrock. Brother, the match between Farooq and Shamrock, goodness my… Anyone, go watch that match, it was January fifth, 1998.

Watch Farooq and Shamrock and afterward watch the headliner on RAW this evening and you’ll see totally why no relaxed fans watch wrestling any longer.”

Yet again it will be fascinating to check whether Alexa Bliss and Asuka can dethrone Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to turn into the new WWE Ladies’ Label Group Champions.

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