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“I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I were Gill”: Sehwag’s unstable take regardless of Shubman’s strong IPL 2023 trips

When he talked about Shubman Gill’s performances in the 2023 Indian Premier League, Virender Sehwag spoke directly to the audience.

The Gujarat Titans are currently at the top of the Indian Premier League table with 14 points after a successful 2023 campaign.

The Titans, who are the tournament’s defending champions and have only lost three of their 10 games, will be looking to beat Lucknow Super Giants on Sunday afternoon to improve their chances of making the playoffs.

The Titans saw multiple players step up for the team in different games, just like they did last season; in any case, a fair not many stay an essential piece of the Titans’ prosperity and Shubman Gill is one of them.

Since winning the championship with the team last year, the star Indian opener has increased in stature by leaps and bounds.

Since then, he has played for the Indian team in T20, ODI, and Tests and has scored centuries in every format. In 2022, Gill had a fantastic season in which he scored 483 runs in 16 matches at a strike rate of 132.32, and it appears that he will have another season like that this year.

Gill has scored 375 runs in 10 games so far (a strike rate of 135) and will try to surpass 500 runs this year; in any case.

Previous India opener Virender Sehwag accepts that the youthful India player ought to convey more grounded exhibitions, and expressed that Gill’s numbers across the two seasons are fairly comparable up to this point.

“It ought to have been better. His 375 out of 10 matches ought to be around 550 toward the season’s end. He has played India in every format, scored a lot of runs, and should use his form more.

Sehwag stated to Cricbuzz, “It is possible that he has 600-700 runs when he finishes the season.”

I wouldn’t be satisfied with myself if I were Shubman Gill. I had been in great structure, and I’ve scored 375 runs. However, there is little improvement.

The numbers could have somewhat improved, yet it’s very minimal. He plays his shots well and comes out with a positive attitude. However, the numbers haven’t changed much overall.

I trust in his last four matches, he truly shows the class that he has shown for the Indian group. Sehwag went on to say, “I want a century from him.”

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