In order to achieve better outcomes, the national body deems it necessary to reduce the squad.

In an effort to have more quality than quantity, the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has reduced the national team in order to achieve better results in the following year national.

The singles division under instructing chief Wong Choong Hann has hacked out two men’s singles players.

– Lim Chong Lord and Chime Wen Xuan – and five ladies’ singles players while S. Kisona has chosen stopped.

Myisha Khairul, Eoon Qi Xuan, Joanne Ng, Khor Jing We, and Loh Zhi Wei were the women shown the door. Tan Zhing Yi, Siti Nurshuhaini Azman, and Wong Ling Ching escaped the chop.

Michelle Chai, chief executive officer of Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM), elaborated on the trimming process, stating that the BAM did not mean to drop players, but that it was done to ensure that the players continued to make progress rather than stagnate.

There will be a total of 14 players who will not be on the national team after 2023, including six doubles players.

The best players now participate in 14 to 16 tournaments annually. We have committed to sending players to at least eight tournaments beginning next year.

To achieve that goal, we must allocate RM300,000 per player. Is it right to keep them in the national team if we can’t guarantee this to all of them?

According to Choong Hann, this was the first time that the women’s singles department would undergo a nearly complete overhaul to get ready for the Olympics in 2028.

We have given every player the opportunity to advance and fair treatment. They have had ample training and tournament competition opportunities.

The women’s team is small, but this is our future generation, and they will be focused on the Olympics in 2028.

One of the players who was dropped, Myisha, received a lot of criticism from the Internet after she lost in the second round of the Malaysian International Challenge last week in Ipoh. Myisha was defeated by Indian Ruthvika Shivani 14-21, 8-21.

In addition to other criticism, some Netizens stated that she was only good enough to play at the state level and that she was a school-level qualifier. However, a few sympathized with her.

“In today’s world, it is very simple to put the players’ performance in the spotlight.

Choong Hann stated, “The younger players do not have the maturity to handle the criticism from social media.”

Choong Hann expressed optimism regarding the current men’s singles team, which consists of 13 players and the national No. 1 Ng Tze Yong, with Justin Hoh and Leong Jun Hao close behind, is on the right path to competing for Olympic qualification.

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