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In the Summer Game Fest, 2022 Street Fighter 6 reveals a new character

With the start of Summer Game Fest, there has been an uproar. However, it is not a bang, the bang has come with a brand new character. The summer game fest started with footage on Twitter. In that footage, we can see the gameplay of Street Fighters Six. Check In the Summer Game Fest 2022 Street Fighter 6 reveals a new character.

Not just gameplay, it has a classic character. Street Fighter Six officially unveiled the character in addition to gameplay at the Summer Games fest on Thursday. Apparently, every gamer fan is excited about the official unveiling.

In the Summer Game Fest 2022 Street Fighter 6 reveals a new character

In the Summer Game Fest 2022 Street Fighter 6 reveals a new character
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Finally, I would like to tell you that the new character who is coming is named Guile. Originally the character Guill here is a U.S. Air Force pilot. Who fights for his country. Not only that, but Guille manages to break Sadalu and avenges his friend Charlie Nash.

Although he enjoys the life of a family man. Nevertheless, many new missions await him. At the same time, this guile’s step combines the steps of his signature with the new addition. In a similar way, he is a powerhouse character.

Who has the ability to keep his opponent at a distance. Moreover, splatters of green and yellow paint cover the stage when using Guill’s drive system. Which is combined with the colour of his classic look.

Guile Bang bang!

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There is a possibility that this character could give Streetfighter 6 different levels. Because this character has three action packs. The first is Sonic Hurricane. Through which the guile fires a huge aerial slash directly into the front. Similarly, it is used with a heavy punch so that it fires upwards diagonally.

The second number is a solid puncture., In a word, I can call it guile’s V trigger. This causes Guile to wrap both arms in gaseous slash and uses sonic brakes.

Number three is Crossfire Summersalt. This is a brand new super art. With that, Guill shook his chest and made a huge aerial slash. The result is a brutal somersault kick that launches the opponent into the air.

As you can see, the character of Street Fighter Six is ​​going to be quite strong. But the misfortune is that the game is scheduled for 2023.