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Increasing the percentage of total income that goes to women’s IPL teams

Teams competing in the Women’s Indian Premier League may be eligible for an 80% share of the central pool if it is provided by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) (WIPL).

When the Indian Premier League first got underway, this was the method that was used to divide up the earnings. The central pool contributed eighty percent of the revenue to the franchisees during the years of 2008 and 2012. It reached a high of 60 percent between 2013 and 2017 and has since dropped to about 50 percent.

The primary sources of money come from media rights and sponsorship.

There are a few IPL teams that are interested in WIPL, along with a significant number of failed bidders. Their choice on how to proceed with their company will be determined by the level of interest shown in the media-rights tender, which will be launched on January 12.

BCCI has decided to proceed with a closed bid for a period of five years rather than fixing a base price. It intends to leave the price of the rights up to the dynamics of the market.

It is quite probable that Maharashtra will host the inaugural Women’s Indian Premier League, which will take place between March 3 and March 26. On the basis of the success IPL 2022 had by hosting it in one state, we may opt to do the same at least in the first year,” said an official from the BCCI. “On the back of the success IPL 2022 had by holding it in one state. Because he was not authorised to talk to the media, the official did not want his identity to be made public.

The Wankhede stadium

 which is home to the Mumbai Indians, could not be utilised. The Brabourne stadium in Mumbai, the DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai, and the Pune stadium are all possible locations for the first 22 matches of the Women’s Indian Premier League.In a perfect world, we would want the matches to be played in our home base so that we can build a fan base from the first year on and a certain atmosphere, said a potential bidder who did not want to be identified. This would allow us to build a fan base from the first year on and a certain atmosphere.”

“Treating the league as if it were its own distinct property, with all the attention to detail and care it entails, is the key to making it function.”

The BCCI had mentioned their desire to organise WIPL tournaments all across the nation in a previous email to the states.

 However, a crowded home schedule, uncertainty around television rights, sponsorships, and club ownership are the reasons why BCCI does not want the WIPL to travel significantly in 2023.After the year 2024, the number of teams is projected to increase from five to six, and the number of matches will increase from 22 to 34.An auction will take place after the sales of media rights and team ownership to determine player salaries as well. This auction will take place after the sales of team ownership and media rights.

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