IND vs. AUS: Rank-turner or top green? What should we anticipate from the field of the Ahmedabad Test

This is not a “sand pit,” even though it is still too early to predict the pitch. On the other hand, at India’s 22-yard line, the pitch has been known to magically change from green to brown in a split second.

The day before the Indore Test, India captain Rohit Sharma slyly stated that his team could request a seaming surface in Ahmedabad to prepare for the World Test Championship (WTC) final at the Oval in July.

India and Rohit Sharma were hammered during the five sessions in Indore, and the green-top comment came back to haunt them.

In the midst of the crushing defeat against a turner, a question of greater significance and relevance arises. Which aspects of the field match this Indian team the best? Which surface gives them a leg up on their domestic rivals the most? The response was obvious ten years ago. Naturally, more turners. However, the outcome is less certain at this point.

Consider the following: What can we anticipate from the Ahmedabad pitch? one day before the fourth examination. This is the most important question to ask.

This is definitely not a “sand pit,” even though it is still too early to predict the pitch. Each of the four pitches that are parallel to the sightscreen has ample grass, as was the case on Wednesday. Over the years, even the visiting teams have learned that the pitch’s true character can only be appreciated once play begins. It is said that the pitch in India magically transforms from green to brown within 22 yards.

However, just as a dust storm was approaching the stadium and it started to drizzle lightly, the garden sprinklers were turned off late at night. Before being covered and put to sleep for the night, the pitches on the central square received ample watering. This is not your typical dry and crumbling pitch. The fourth Test could be played in a level combat zone chosen by India.

In 2021, India and Britain played two Test matches at the same location. On a pitch with sharp turns, one match ended in two days.

On the day that Australia dealt India a devastating blow to a tuner, Rohit Sharma was questioned: a green shirt in Ahmedabad. Is it still in operation? Perhaps wishing he could rephrase what he had said in the public interview prior to the match, he suppressed his words and responded with a docile smile. It’s too soon because we just finished a Test match. We are going to go to Ahmedabad to see what we can do there.

He continued to murmur as he took a deep breath: We’ll keep talking about the game and playing it. He then talked about the problems that happened during the game and how we can win in Ahmedabad without worrying about the pitch. When offered a half-volley leg-stump, he frequently avoided the question. Sincerely, this pitch competition is getting out of hand. Why do people not inquire about Usman Khawaja’s presentation, Pujara’s second-innings performance, or Nathan Lyon’s bowling performance? about which he would rant.

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