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India is on Top in the Gaming Market: What is the Turnover?

The game market in India has been booming for the last few months. And surprisingly, the highest number of game downloads per month in the world comes from India. I am proud to say, that this statistic has made India the number one country in terms of game downloads. Check India is on Top in the Gaming Market.

According to Sensor Tower research, the Indian market is number one in global game mobile downloads. Where you would be surprised to hear the United States is number two. And the number three is taken by Brazil. While at number one, India’s download rate is about 16%.

India is on Top in the Gaming Market: What is the Turnover?

India is on Top in the Gaming Market
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And similarly, the download percentage of the United States is 8.7% and that of Brazil is 7.6%. Imagine that! Where India was and where it has reached. It must be acknowledged that India is improving. Although the journey may not have been very easy.

Indian gaming companies initially monetized engines through advertising. According to the report, in 2020 1.5 billion came from mobile gaming. Of that, 40 percent came from in-app purchases and real money game spending.

moreover, India now has over 300 million gamers. Just think of the number once! Not only that, in 2020, the revenue of gaming devices reached 1.8 million dollars. On that condition, it is 500 percent more than in 2016.

How Gaming Market Is Increasing?

The fastest-growing gaming sector in India is cinema and home entertainment. Although India’s gaming industry is currently smaller than that of the United States and China. Despite being 1% of the global game market, India has generated 1.5 billion in revenue.

Some things have worked as a catalyst behind gaming in India. These include good smartphone internet access increasing, popular headlines, and influential and global epidemics. Most importantly, investors are enthusiastic about gaming platforms. Because they mitigate the hit nature of personal games.

Although China and the United States have big markets. Despite this, India’s gaming sector is growing rapidly at a CAGR of 38%.

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