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India, Pakistan In Same Gathering For Asia Cup 2023 As Asian Cricket Chamber Reports Schedule For Next Two Years

Main opponents India and Pakistan are in a similar gathering for the Asia Cup 2023, the Asian Cricket Committee (ACC) president Jay Shah affirmed on Thursday. Leading body of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary and Asian Cricket Board (ACC) president Jay Shah on Thursday reported the cricket schedule of the chamber for 2023 and 2024 and a pathway structure for capability to the People’s Asia Cup.

Introducing the @ACCMedia1 pathway structure and cricket schedules for 2023 and 2024! This signals our unmatched endeavors and enthusiasm to take this game higher than ever. With cricketers across nations preparing for fantastic exhibitions, it vows to be a great time for cricket!, tweete Shah.

According to the new schedule, 2023 will get going with Men’s Challengers Cup, a ten-group fifty-over competition. This competition will highlight 10 groups, out of which eight are Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Maldives, Thailand and Iran. Two groups are yet to be named. There will be two gatherings of five groups each. A sum of 23 matches will be played.

In Walk, a Men’s Under-16 Provincial competition will be held

The competition will highlight eight groups, area wise.The champs and sprinters up of the previously mentioned Men’s Challengers Cup will meet all requirements for Men’s Chief Cup, a 50-over competition.

This opposition will be played in April and will traverse 24 matches. There will be ten groups separated in two gatherings of five matches. The groups affirmed for the competition are, UAE, Nepal, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

June, a Ladies’ T20 Arising Groups Asia Cup will be held. It will highlight eight groups, separated in gatherings of two each. One gathering will highlight India A, Pakistan A, Thailand and Hong Kong. The other gathering will have groups like Sri Lanka A, Bangladesh A, UAE, Malaysia.

Next up will be Men’s Arising Groups Asia Cup, a 50-over competition

The best three groups of the competition will meet all requirements for this competition. This opposition will have eight groups, partitioned in two gatherings of four each.

The principal gathering will highlight India A, Pakistan A, Sri Lanka An and Qualifier 1. The other gathering will have Afghanistan A, Bangladesh An and Qualifier 2 and 3. This competition will have 15 matches.

In August, a Men’s L2 Training Course and a Keepers Studio will be held.

The men’s Asia Cup, the primary competition of ACC, will be held in September. It will highlight six groups, isolated in two gatherings of three groups. India, Pakistan and Qualifier 1 (the victor of Men’s Chief Cup) is in one gathering while Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are in the other. A sum of 13 matches will be held in the competition.

In October, November, and December, one competition each for Men’s Under 19 Cricket will be held. A Challengers Cup will start off things for Under-19 cricketers in October. The competition will highlight 10 matches and will be isolated in gathering of five each. In the primary gathering will be Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, China and a Qualifier. The other gathering will have Myanmar, Maldives, Thailand, Iran and Qualifer 2.

Men’s Under-19 Chief Cup will be held in November

Which will highlight ten groups. The primary gathering will highlight UAE, Kuwait, Nepal, Qatar and Qualifier 1. The following gathering will have Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and a subsequent qualifier. It will include the champ of the Challengers Cup.

In December will be held the Men’s Asia Cup at the under-19 level, highlighting the victor, next in line and a third-place finish group from Head Cup. Groups affirmed for this competition are, India, Pakistan in Gathering 1 alongside two qualifiers and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan last qualifier in Gathering 2.

The year 2024 will get going with Men’s T20 Challenger Cup in February and the Ladies’ T20 Challenger Cup in Spring. In men’s competition will highlight Asian cricket’s partner groups positioning from 14 to 23, while partner groups positioned from nine to 18 will be in the ladies’ competition.

Champ and sprinter up of this competition will meet all requirements for People’s T20 Chief Cup, to be held in April and May separately. The men’s competition will have 10 groups, all partner groups positioning from 6-13 alongside qualifiers. The ladies’ competition will have six groups, highlighting partner groups positioned from five to eight and two qualifiers.

In August, a Men’s L3 training course and A Guardians Studio will be held.

In September and October, Ladies’ T20 Asia Cup and Men’s Under-19 Asia Cup will be held. The main two groups of the Ladies’ Head Cup will join the T20 Asia Cup. It will have 16 matches and six groups, partitioned in two gatherings of three each. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh will be in one gathering while the other will have Sri Lanka and two qualifiers.

The Men’s Under-19 Asia Cup in October will have eight groups. In one gathering will be India, Pakistan, Qualifer 1 and 2 and the other gathering will have Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Qualifier 3.

The Men’s T20 Arising Groups Asia Cup will be held in December after an Umpires Studio in November. This competition will highlight top three groups from the Under-19 Chief Cup and generally speaking eight groups, separated in two gatherings of four groups. India A, Pakistan A, Sri Lanka An and Qualifier 1. The other gathering will include Bangladesh A, Afghanistan An and Qualifier 2 and 3.

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