India versus Australia: Even though Virat Kohli is “out of form,” Ricky Ponting helps him score runs

Because the pitches have been a “nightmare” for all of the batters in the contest thus far, Ricky Ponting will not evaluate Virat Kohli’s form based on his performance in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

Because Virat Kohli hasn’t scored a fifty in his last 14 innings, Ponting doesn’t care that he has only scored 111 runs in three Test matches against Australia.

Ponting stated to ICC Review, “I’m not looking at anyone’s form in this Test series because, for a batsman, it has just been an absolute, it’s been a nightmare.”

I’ll repeat it for Virat because I already said it. Champions always find a way, and it’s possible that he’s currently in a drought and not scoring the runs that we all anticipate from him. Champions always find a way. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying. Champions never give up. Champions never stop trying.

Additionally, he is unquestionably an authority on realism. We are all aware that nobody else needs to tell you that when you struggle to score runs as a batsman. It’s likely that you already know a few things about it.

“But no, I don’t care about Virat Kohli; Every single day of the week, I will extend my hand. because I have faith that he will win.”

Ponting is aware that the conditions for teams in England in June will be very different from those on the subcontinent because he has participated in the Ashes tournament multiple times.

According to the 48-year-old, who ranks third on the list of cricketers who have scored the most international centuries, India should also think about changing their batting order if they want to make it to the ICC World Test Championship Final in June at The Oval. Ponting stated, “You might actually have both of those people in a similar group, with Shubman Gill coming in and someone like KL Rahul leaving this side; Only a few Test matches have they been a part of.

Despite only scoring 38 runs in three innings in the first two matches in Delhi and Nagpur, Rahul was chosen to play in the third Test over Shubman Gill. Ponting thinks it might be possible to play both Rahul and Gill at The Oval because Rahul has scored two of his seven Test hundreds in English conditions.

“KL might actually drop down into the center request, considering that he has recently played cricket in those (English) conditions,” Shubman asserts, despite the fact that KL is at the top of the list. KL might fall somewhere in between. Shubman made the statement in reference to the situation.

On the other hand, we are well aware of the significant swings in the ball of the Unified Realm during the day. Additionally, the ball has a tendency to swing all the way through an innings if the overhead conditions are ideal.

For the once-in-a-lifetime Test match, Team India will need to evaluate the conditions, quickly adjust to English conditions, and make sure they have the best team.

Ponting stated, “Because it will be really important to choose the team you think will have the most success in those conditions” because “it is just a once-in-a-lifetime Test match.” because it is only a single Test match.”

“The Oval is probably the best UK wicket, and it’s a great place to bat when the sun is out. As a result, I think India would decide that in the end. It would suffice to evaluate the circumstances and possibly disregard the most recent series.

“In India, we are witnessing circumstances that are quite extreme.” Taking into consideration the circumstances, Australia and India would select the team that they believed would win that one-off match the most.

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