India vs New Zealand 1st ODI: Match Preview

The first match of the 3 ODI series between India and New Zealand will be played in Auckland on Friday. During this series, India has a chance to become the number 2 team in the world in the ODI rankings.

Apart from this, the Indian team can also break two big records of Pakistan. India captain Shikhar Dhawan can overtake West Indies legend Viv Richards in the list of batsmen who have scored the most runs in ODI cricket. Will talk about all these records in detail further. Let’s start with the ranking.

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Team India is currently at number 3

India is currently the world’s No. 1 team in T20 cricket, while it is second in Tests. India is at number three in ODI cricket. During this series, the Indian team has a chance to go to number 2. Currently, England is first with 119 points and New Zealand is second with 114 points. India has 112 points.

If India wins the series 2-1 or 3-0, it will move to second place in the ODI rankings. In case of a 2-1 win, India will have 113 points and New Zealand will have 112 points. In case of a 3-0 win, India will have 116 points and New Zealand will have 108 points.

Now know how Dhawan will get ahead of Richards

Shikhar Dhawan, who captained Team India in this series, has so far scored 6,672 runs in 161 matches in ODI cricket. He is at number 53 in the overall tally. Veteran West Indies batsman Vivian Richards is at number 51 with 6,721 runs in 187 matches.

If Dhawan scores 50 runs in this series, he will go past Richards. Between Richards and Dhawan is Zimbabwe’s Brandon Taylor at number 52. He has 6,684 runs in 205 matches.

Chance to win the sixth series in a row

The Indian team has won 5 consecutive ODI series before this series. Since losing the ODI series against South Africa in South Africa in January, India has won two ODI series against West Indies and 1-1 each against England, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

In this way, if the Indian team wins the series against New Zealand as well, then it will be the team’s sixth consecutive series win in ODI cricket. Earlier, India had captured 6 consecutive bilateral series in 2008-09 and 2017-18. India has never won more than 6 consecutive bilateral series.

Pakistan’s first record will be broken after winning a match

If Team India wins even one match in this series, then it will go ahead of Pakistan in terms of winning the most matches against New Zealand. On the other hand, if the Indian team wins two matches in the series, then it will leave behind Pakistan and reach number three in terms of defeating New Zealand the most times in New Zealand.

India has so far won 55 matches in 110 ODIs against New Zealand. Pakistan has won 55 matches in 107 ODIs against New Zealand. On New Zealand soil, India has won 14 out of 42 matches against it. At the same time, Pakistan has won 15 matches in 49 matches.

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