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Indian PUBG Mobile team Selection process in Asian Games 2022



Sports had been before organized in Asian Games 2018 as an Exhibition sport. Every game will be proud to see ESports. Olympic Federations chose the Hong Kong-based Asian Electronic Sports Federations (AESF), as the official E-Sports category in the Asian Games. Check Indian PUBG Mobile team Selection process in Asian Games 2022.

The tournament will feature Arena of Valor; Dream Three Kingdoms 2 and PUBG Mobile. Tencent, China’s corporate giant, has conducted polling to choose the best mobile team. As determined by the Chinese public, to represent China on the 2022 Asian Games stage.

Indian PUBG Mobile team Selection process in Asian Games 2022
Indian PUBG Mobile team Selection process in Asian Games 2022

Asian Games 2022: How will the Indian PUBG Mobile squad be selected?

The Asian Games community has confirmed that Esports events of popular titles like Arena of Valor.

According to AESF, there are three stages in the 2022 tournament structure:

  • National Team Selections, including National Qualifiers
  • Road to Asian Games (RDAG Regionals)
  • Esports Finals at the 19th Asian Games

The National Team Selections procedure began in November 2021. It ended on January 14, 222. These are the last things that need to be done.

 Between February, April, and May, the RDAG National Team Selection’ will take place. After this, the seedings and finals for the national team. It will be decided between April, July, and Hangzhou, China in September 2022.

 India was following the same pattern. It appears that the National Tournament Selections may have been affected due to the impact of the BGIS 2021. At the Asian Games in PUBG mobile’s main lineup.

 If you’re a Battlegrounds Mobile India player, you could now be eligible for the official esports. Krafton has confirmed that BGMI players will now be able to take part in PUBG Mobile esports. This allows them to battle with international players. The 2022 Asian Games will take place from September 10 to September 25, so you have plenty of time for preparation.


Krafton promised to improve the industry’s performance last year and also earmarked $100m to support the market. South Korean company Krafton invested $70million in India’s IT sector this year. This includes Godwin Gaming (Indian esports company), Loco gaming streaming platform, and Pratilipi web novel platform. Krafton has not yet indicated whether it will invest in the training of players for next year’s Asian Games.

 But, players can improve their skills by participating in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2020 tournament. The Krafton’s inaugural tournament, which was first announced back in July, allows players to qualify for five rounds through completing missions. The winners will receive rewards from a prize fund of Rs 1,000,000. The Asian Games will likely host an esports medal event that is comparable to the tournament but with more players.