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Intel Arc A380 graphics card Price in India, Review all you need to know

Maybe you’re now thinking you should get a new graphics card. At the same time, you may think that when you buy a new one you should buy a graphics card that has a brand new model or some new features. Hey, you are right. This is the first time that Intel is launching its own new graphics card in the market, its name is Arc A380. Check Intel Arc A380 graphics card Price in India.

And there is no end to the rumours about this GPU. Meanwhile, I would like to say that this GPU has already become available for sale in China. Similarly, arc a Series 3 is the first of the graphics desktop components to offer mainstream game and content makers a new option.

Intel Arc A380 graphics card Price in India, Review all you need to know

Intel Arc A380 graphics card Price in India
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Moreover, this GPU has taken a long time to arrive, with delays, leaks, and a lot of speculation. Not only that, it is the first Intel arc graphics card to be sold in a talking style. At the same time, the Intel Arc A380 GPU comes with a GDDR6 of 6 GB to support the latest games.

Similarly, it will be available this month from desktop, PC, ecosystem partners Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, GUNNIR, HP and MSI. Initially, it was introduced in China.

On this condition, Chinese retailers have updated that all graphics cards are sold. Well, let me tell you the true value of this. The graphics card is priced at 3999 euros, including VAT.

This price stands at approximately $595, which stands at 46603 Indian rupees.


The specification in the card is 8 Xe core or 1024 shader units. In addition, there is a 92 W total board power rating. However, we clearly understand that the graphics card has a high-quality specification.

Although I personally like the card. It has a small fine back shroud and an Intel arc logo. But by no means does the logo look cheap without the backlit and contrast aluminium heat sink. Not only this, but the card also has a standard set of video output.

Despite the many things I can’t conclude that it will give a reliable benchmark. One of the reasons is its price. On the other hand, another reason I can catch is that it is not yet available in the Indian market.

As long as a thing can be used, its efficiency cannot be said. In that case, the assumption that I will give earlier does not mean that it will be true. But one thing I must say is that according to the features, the graphics card is quite good.