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IPL 2023: We need to re-teach the team how to play and CSK needs to get back in sync

Chennai Super Kings

The head coach of Chennai Super Kings, has instructed his players to hit the reset button and keep up with the latest fashions in order to recover from last year’s disappointing Indian Premier League campaign.

We need to play well and teach the team how to play again (for this season). According to a report that appeared on the CSK website on Monday, Fleming said, “Our style of play has changed” because we’ve been away for almost three or four years.

After winning the title in 2021, CSK finished ninth in the 10-team tournament in 2022. The former New Zealand captain stated that players will need to quickly adjust to new ground conditions if they are to perform well this season, as this year’s IPL will be played on a home-and-away basis after being held inside “bio-bubbles” for two years.

We rapidly need to get once more into a state of harmony with the ground and ensure that the style of play we play addresses what the ground’s inquiring about. We’ll also do that, and we need to do it right away. So, we’ll put in a lot of effort on that.

Fleming went on to say that now that the IPL is finally coming back to CSK’s fortress in Chepauk, his team will do everything in its power to win on its own turf.

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes, the captain of the England Test team, has been added to CSK. He was purchased by the team for Rs 16.25 crore during the recent IPL auction in Kochi.

Well, it was a great time because we transformed our home field into almost a fortress, made it extremely difficult for teams to play us, and worked hard. It was not coincidental. We built a team that could specialise in this area. So, we’re really happy with what we did here,” Fleming said.

Therefore, we needed a solid home base here. Furthermore, it was, and what we gave and the outcomes we got, we got back ten times from the group. And as our support and success grew, it became an absolutely massive venue in which to compete. Additionally, I am aware that the players thoroughly enjoyed driving to this location and arriving to play, and I am fairly certain that it was quite intimidating for the opposition.

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