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Klay Thompson scores 54 points in a wild double-overtime victory for the Warriors over the Hawks in a game that seemed to never end

Kevon Looney scored the game-winning point, Klay had one of his best performances ever

The Brilliant State Champions won a wild 143-141 twofold extra time game against the Atlanta Birds of prey in the group’s most memorable round of 2023.

The Dubs won one of their wildest regular-season contests ever, despite missing six rotation players, including Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins.

Their overall record increased to 20-18.

Klay Thompson lit up and scored 16 points in the first 12 minutes of regulation as Golden State took advantage of Atlanta’s poor perimeter defense.

At the end of the first quarter, the Dubs held a 38-26 lead.

While Poole was the Fighters second most significant hostile player early, Anthony Sheep and Patrick Baldwin Jr. gave the Names a few great minutes off the seat.

On 8-for-12 shooting from the field, the stretch bigs scored 21 points in the first half.

The Hawks were 70-53 down in the first half after shooting just 2-for-16 from three.

In the third quarter, the Warriors’ lead slowly faded away

The Hawks’ outside shooting improved, and in the final minute of the third quarter.

They took a 95-94 lead before the Dubs tied the score at 95 just before the quarter’s end.

With less than six minutes remaining in regulation, the Hawks led 115-106 after going on a 5-0 run to start the fourth quarter.

The Warriors responded with several offensive possessions that led to trips to the free-throw line and a strong defensive stretch.

However, when Thompson, Poole, and Donte DiVincenzo missed threes on the same possession, the Dubs missed a great chance.

All three appeared to be rushing their shots despite the fact that there was more than two minutes remaining.

Draymond Green brought the intensity defensively in the final minutes, as has been the case in recent times, to keep the Warriors within striking distance.

Golden State came within a point of losing the game when Thompson finally hit a triple in the final minute.

The Warriors had a chance to take the lead after another stop.

Poole drove inside, caused a Hawks defender to make contact, and then dribbled the ball out of bounds with his knee.

Poole’s propensity for turnovers becomes even more important when Curry is out of the game.

It cost the Warriors a fantastic chance

Golden State fouled Trae Young before the shot clock started, and Young made both of his free throws to give the Hawks a 121-118 lead with 9.5 seconds left in the game.

To get the ball into bounds, the Dubs needed two timeouts, but then something crazy happened.

For a contested three-pointer from the left corner, the Warriors got Thompson free.

Out came the rim. But Poole got the rebound and tried to give Dejounte Murray some space, but his three-point shot was stopped.

The ball was then tipped to DiVincenzo, who rhythmically caught it off a bounce and tied the score at 121 with 0.6 seconds left in regulation.

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