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IPL Media Rights: What is the highest Bids Price?



IPL is the most glamorous game in India. This is the only game where there are ordinary people, there are players, and there are stars. No less than a premiere at the opening of this match. Needless to say, standing in this position, if the IPL bid was not the highest, I would be surprised. Check IPL Media Rights: What is the highest Bids Price?

However, the first day of the auction for media rights in the Indian Premier League ended on Sunday. The combined value of television and digital rights has been the highest. Whereas last time its right price was 16347.50 rupees. There, the combined value this time has been Rs 43,000 crore.

 IPL Media Rights: What is the highest Bids Price?

IPL Media Rights: What is the highest Bids Price?
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It is understood that the price has increased two and a half times more than the previous time. God! I am just wondering how popular IPL is. However, the IPL is still $13.5 million behind on a per-match basis. The NFL stands at match 17 million per match.

And similarly, the cost per match in the Premier League stands at $11 million. I hope you clearly understand the difference between IPL and each of them. Moreover, let me tell you that the combined TV and digital value is Rs 33000 crore.

This amount is Rs 10,000 crore more than the reserve price. Not only that, it has been set by the BCCI for the current media rights cycle. And at the same time, it is based on 74 games per season.

What’s More?

Here, there were some reasons behind making such a rule. By canceling the closed bidding process, the IPL puts its media rights for sale for the first time through an auction.

As a result, bids were submitted through a single online portal operated by the same independent company at the same auction. On condition that maximum bids across all categories are flashed on the screen.

However, the names of the bidders are not disclosed to ensure that competitors do not raise prices. However, sources said that Disney-Star, SonicPictures Network India, and Viacom 18 have been named.

These companies are looking at TV rights for all the games in the Indian subcontinent. However, at the end of the first day of the e-auction, the TV rights per match exceeded Rs 55 crore.

At the same time on Sunday packages A and B are bidding among the seven most competitive finalists. Of which the highest bid for A package is 57 crores. Similarly, the maximum bid for the B package is 48 crores.

And here I am saying that the bid of the A package is 16.3% higher than the price fixed by IPL. The bid for the B package stands at 45.4% higher than the base price of IPL.