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‘It’s been disappointing for us’ – Dravid laments missed opportunity

It’s been disappointing for us’ – Dravid laments missed opportunity

It’s been disappointing for us’ – Dravid laments missed opportunity. After India’s defeat at the hands of England’s dominant fourth-innings performance, captain Rahul Dravid has increased the pressure on his team to improve their ability to close off games.

Coach Dravid is keen for India to address a tendency that cost them the recent Test loss to England and the earlier loss to South Africa this year.

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Dravid expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “It’s been disappointing for us.” “We had a few chances in South Africa, and I think it’s something we should examine and, most likely, try to improve upon here.”

It could be that we need to keep up the same level of intensity, fitness, or performance all the way through a Test match, among other possibilities.

India’s second innings collapse from 190/4 to 245 all out was a major factor in England coming back into the game after losing their 132-run first-innings lead.

Dravid said that his team has been able to get out to fast starts in matches, but they haven’t been able to maintain that momentum and finish strong, as was the case again against England at Edgbaston.

The batting has probably not been up to snuff in the third innings of the last two Test matches played away from home and this one.

Given India’s recent difficulties with picking up wickets in the fourth innings, the decision to leave out spinner Ravichandran Ashwin raised eyebrows.

“You can review your team’s makeup in the past and make changes if necessary.” In these games, Shardul has really aided us, Dravid continued.

Not starting Ash in a Test match is never an easy decision. However, the first day’s inspection of the wicket revealed a fairly even covering of grass. We figured the quick bowlers could pull away with a win.

Even on the final day, neither Jack Leach nor Ravindra Jadeja, who bowled throughout the Test, found the wicket to spin significantly. The wicket didn’t break up or spin as much as we anticipated, possibly due to the weather on the first few days.

Looking back on the fifth day, it’s simple to wish for a second spinner in the fourth innings, but the ball didn’t turn enough to warrant it.

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England’s success in beating New Zealand by 3-0 in the series and in chasing down targets of over 250 runs on four consecutive occasions is largely attributable to Brendon McCullum.

The India head coach was questioned on his thoughts on “Bazball” and whether or not he thought it could alter the nature of Test cricket.

Dravid smiled and remarked, “Don’t really know what’s that” (Bazball).

Their recent cricket has been excellent, and I think it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. They’ve proven to be excellent chasers. There is no simple way to win a game of cricket in England, and the fourth innings chase is no exception.

The players’ current form and preference have a significant role in determining the style of cricket that can be played. In that innings, when Pant and Jadeja were batting, we played a more upbeat game because the players were in good form.

The loss, coupled with the points penalty for sustaining a slow over-rate, saw India tumble down to the fourth rank on the ICC World Test Championship standings.

England and India were supposed to play their fifth Test match last year. The Indians were confident, and England was a different team than the one we know now. Dravid acknowledged that the year-long break may have contributed to the outcome but insisted that it was not an excuse.

The five days of their performance were impressive. We performed well enough to earn some chances, and we used them efficiently during the first three days. We just couldn’t keep that up. Because of this, playing a Test match is challenging. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your form over the course of a five-day Test match. They did it better than us, and we couldn’t, thus they earned the victory in this Test match.

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