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Jessica Pegula is disappointed that the Chicago Blackhawks did not sign Jonathan Toews again.

When Jessica Pegula learned that the Chicago Blackhawks had decided not to re-sign Jonathan Toews, their veteran captain, she expressed her disappointment. The Chicago Blackhawks’ general manager, Kyle Davidson, made the announcement on April 13 that the team would not be renewing Jonathan Toews’ contract during the upcoming offseason. As a result of the decision, Toews will play his final Blackhawks game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Since being selected as the No. 1 overall pick, the 34-year-old has devoted his entire 15-year NHL career to the Blackhawks. 3rd overall in the NHL Draft in 2006. After the end of the season games close, he will end up being an unlimited free specialist.

The statement made by the Chicago Blackhawks’ general manager was shared by Jessica Pegula on Instagram on April 13 with a crying emoji.

Jonathan Toews has had a remarkable career with the team, winning three Stanley Cups (2010, 2013, 2015), playing in six All-Star Games, winning the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2010 as the league’s postseason MVP, the Selke Award in 2012-2013, and making the All-Star Team in 2012-2013.

Through social media, Jessica Pegula wants to show “different” sides of athletes’ lives.

Tennis Channel recently conducted an interview with Jessica Pegula. The American athlete explained that, in contrast to other athletes, she tries to highlight her “different” side on social media in addition to her accomplishments and happy times.

“I think I’m thinking, “This is really sad, this is really hard, I can’t realize this is what I’m doing right now,” when I’m just in that moment. Pegula, on the other hand, stated, “I think it just shows the different side, that even though we are professional athletes, we work very hard and very professionally.”

She also talked about the “tough” side of athletes’ lives, saying that they go through hard times like everyone else.

“We’re very much like every other person. She stated, “We travel a lot, schedule stuff, and you don’t sleep. We hit those moments where it looks crazy cool, playing in stadiums and all that stuff.” However, “in the meantime, you know, it’s tough.” It’s certainly a toil. As a result, Pegula stated, “I think I just like picking up those moments to share with everyone.”

The 29-year old transparently recognized that being a competitor is a provoking way of life because of consistent travel, chaotic timetables, and lack of sleep. She also emphasized, however, that she chooses to share these moments with others to highlight the profession’s realities.

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