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JetSynthesys Company plans to invest $100 million in Gaming Industries

Many large digital entertainment and technology companies are now investing in the gaming industry. The main reason is that the future in the gaming industry is very bright. As news recently came, digital entertainment and technology company Jet Synthesis is about to launch its gaming startup. Check JetSynthesys Company plans to invest $100 million in Gaming Industries.

The name of their new startup is jetapult. Through this, they plan to acquire gaming studios in India and abroad. Meanwhile, it will serve as an investment and driven model. Not only this, according to the company this startup has been working for almost a year now.

JetSynthesys Company plans to invest $100 million in Gaming Industries

JetSynthesys Company plans to invest $100 million in Gaming Industries
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At the same time, jetapult is about to jump into the markets of India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Basically, the markets of these countries are called emerging markets.

In this context, Jetapult focuses on acquiring and scaling revenue generating indie game development studios. The start-up has already bought a game studio from India. The company says they are scanning about 6,500 game studios across the market.

Not only that, with that they’re shrinking it to 150. Meanwhile, they are trying to get a significant number of studios in the next 18 to 24 months. And for this initial cost, they are going to set up 100 million.

However, according to Rajan Navani, many gaming studios make games. But on the other hand, they are unable to scale the game. And right in the place of this disability, jetapult comes.

the jetapult bang:

The company plans to invest in the next 9 to 10 months. At the same time, Jetapult’s I&O model will partner with talented studios in emerging markets. Through which gaming skills are democratized.

With all this, Jetapult’s CEO and co-founder Saran Tulsiani has a say. According to them, the studio’s team catered to the long-term growth of revenue by helping them implement infrastructure and make scientific decisions.

Meanwhile, high-earning hit construction in the gaming industry is often misrepresented as an attempt to turn a fortune or a coin. He highlighted that creating games is an emotional creative endeavour.

At the same time, it is an individual scientific exertion to scale them. However, according to the company, the main selection criteria for the acquisition of gaming studio jetapult.

These are the growth potential, the presence of a strong team, and the review of the games they have created with the revenue generation.

Lastly, the team’s start-up is looking to add more to its gaming studio portfolio. These include free-to-play game design, product management, user acquisition, and more.