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Jharkhand T20 2022 Schedule, Start Date, Team List, Venues, Team details


The Jharkhand cricket team which is based in the Indian state, the upcoming edition is going to be their third edition which is going to kick off start soon. As the old Bihar was split Jharkhand took the opportunity and took the place of Bihar. Check Jharkhand T20 2022 Start Date.



The T20 will start from the month of July and the finals are done in the month of August, yet the upcoming schedule is not yet official. But soon it will be updated on our page

There are six teams participating in the Jharkhand T20 league and each team gives its best and each team give their best. So now let us check out the complete details about Jharkhand T20 2022 Schedule, Start Date, Team List, Venues, Team Details.

Jharkhand T20 2022 Start Date

Jharkhand T20 2022 Start Date

The 2021 match was started from the month of July 2021 and on August starting week there was a final, the third edition start date is not out yet. As the cricket will make it official it will be official everywhere but there are no statements yet.

Jharkhand T20 Previous Schedule, Venues & Team Details

 July 17Bokaro Blasters vs Ranchi Raiders9:00
July 17 Dumka Daredevils vs Dhanbad Dynamos1:00
July 18Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Singhbhum Strikers9:00
July 18Dhanbad Dynamos vs Bokaro Blasters1:00
 July 19 Singhbhum Strikers vs Ranchi Raiders9:00
 July 19 Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Dumka Daredevils1:00
July 20 Bokaro Blasters vs Singhbhum Strikers9:00
July 20 Dhanbad Dynamos vs Jamshedpur Jugglers1:00
July 21 Ranchi Raiders vs Dumka Daredevils9:00
July 21 Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Bokaro Blasters1:00
July 22 Dumka Daredevils vs Singhbhum Strikers9:00
July 22 Ranchi Raiders vs Dhanbad Dynamos1:00
July 23 Bokaro Blasters vs Dumka Daredevils9:00
July 23 Ranchi Raiders vs Jamshedpur Jugglers1:00
July 24 Singhbhum Strikers vs Dhanbad Dynamos9:00
July 24 Bokaro Blasters vs Ranchi Raiders1:00
July 25  Dumka Daredevils vs Dhanbad Dynamos9:00
July 25  Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Singhbhum Strikers1:00
July 26 Dhanbad Dynamos vs Bokaro Blasters9:00
July 26Singhbhum Strikers vs Ranchi Raiders1:00
July 27Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Dumka Daredevils9:00
July 27 Bokaro Blasters vs Singhbhum Strikers1:00
July 28 Dhanbad Dynamos vs Jamshedpur Jugglers9:00
July 28 Ranchi Raiders vs Dumka Daredevils1:00
July 29 Jamshedpur Jugglers vs Bokaro Blasters9:00
July 29 Dumka Daredevils vs Singhbhum Strikers1:00
July 30 Ranchi Raiders vs Dhanbad Dynamos9:00
July 30 Bokaro Blasters vs Dumka Daredevils1:00
July 31 Ranchi Raiders vs Jamshedpur Jugglers9:00
July 31 Singhbhum Strikers vs Dhanbad Dynamos1:00
 August 2First semi-final9:00
August 2 Second semi-final,1:00
August 3 Final12:00

This is not the official schedule for 2022 T20 Jharkhand, but stay tuned with us because soon it will be official on our web page. So don’t forget to miss out on any updates and after the official announcement, the schedule and venue will be updated.

Team List

There are six teams participating in T20 Jharkhand League and all the teams are good in their own ways and give their best performance. So below let’s check out the teams

  1. Dumka Daredevils
  2. Bokaro Blasters
  3. Dhanbad Dynamos
  4. Jamshedpur Jugglers
  5. Ranchi Riders
  6. Singhbhum Strikers

Team Details

The other details of T20 are not out and not official by any cricket updaters but soon you will get to know everything stay calm and patient it will soon be out. And make sure you stay updated on our website to check out the latest news about matches and everything.

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