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Jio Game Controller Launched, check the price, and availability



Mukesh Ambani has decided not to lag behind in anything. Otherwise, they would not have been able to build a controller at all. So far, gamers have only been using Microsoft and Sony controllers. But at the moment another new controller has joined the list to take the competition one step further. Check Jio Game Controller Launched, check the price, and availability.

And the name of that controller is jio Controller. This is a new gift for us from Mukesh Ambani, the head of Ambani Company. Just like a few years ago, the mobile world was revolutionized by bringing 4g. Only time will tell whether jio Controller will be able to make a name for itself or start a revolution in the midst of so much competition.

Jio Game Controller Launched, check the price, and availability

Jio Game Controller Launched
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Needless to say, jio has introduced a new accessory for gamers. This jio Game Controller has been working on the jio games platform for some time now. At the same time, Jio’s official website says that the new game controller is compatible with all devices.

That means you can connect it to many things like mobile, VR headset, Android TV, tablet etc. And all these devices are included in your jio games platform. On the other hand, the company has launched Jio Games app. Ambaniji, how many more bangs together!

With this app you can play games, watch live stream and much more. However, this controller is by no means compatible with your PlayStation and Xbox. This is called competition.

Features are important:

This new jio controller is capable of charging for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Originally, it was designed for console-like gaming and mixed real-world experiences. At the same time, it has Bluetooth v4.1 technology for low latency connection. Not only that, it has a rechargeable Li-ion battery for battery backup.

It is also claimed that the controller can give wireless range up to 10 meters. Similarly, this controller has a micro USB port for charging. This port has a 20-button layout with two pressure-point triggers and a 4-way arrow button.

With that, you get two joysticks. Which are equipped with two vibration response motors and support haptic control.

Availability and Price:

Good news for all the gamers who are complete fans of Black Color. Because you will get this controller in matte black finish. I think the controller is very nice to see.

You will find this brand new jio Game Controller on the official jio site. And at the same time, you have to pay 3499 rupees for your controller. By any chance, if you can’t pay in full then there is an EMI offer for you.