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Jonathan gaming- Net Worth, Career, and Personal life 



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Jonathan Amaral, esports player from India. He is the best pubg player India has, and he is 19 years old. Jonathan is one of the most destructive players of pubg in the world, known for his hacker-like gameplay. 

He has active 1Million followers on Instagram and 2.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. But, in 2020, the Indian government banned pubg, and many players’ careers were down. 

Later on, BGMI was launched by Krafton in India. However, despite the ban, people loved Jonathan and were fans of his amazing gaming skills. He often updates on Instagram and youTube. 

Jonathan Amaral Net worth 

Jonathan is the highest-paid BGMI esports player in India. At An early age, he had an estimated net worth of $260k/ 2 Crore. He earns his income through super chats, YouTube, esports, and more. Recently he bought an iPhone 12 Pro max, according to his Instagram posts. His estimated monthly salary is 7-8 Lakh Rupees. 

Jonathan Career 

Jonathan was always fond of esports and other sports. He loved playing hockey; since childhood, he was part of the hockey team of his school. During his schooling, he won many accolades in hockey, including the MSSA hockey tournament. He was naturally hockey and took an interest in esports during his schooling. 

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Jonathan started his esports career professionally in 2018 and ranked as the most destructive Pubg player in Asia. Earlier, he used to play as a source of fun and entertainment with friends. Gradually he learned techniques. His career took a turn professionally when PMCO Spring Split India 2019 was organized. 

Though his team lost by 2 points, Abhijeet Andhre, also known as Ghatak, noticed his skills and offered him his team membership. Jonathan took up the offer, and their skills were noticed by the American organization TSM. As a result, TSM offered them a partnership. Currently, their team is named TSM-entity. 

Jonathan Amaral Personal life 

Jonathan was born in Goa. Later his family moved to Mumbai. He has a family of four, including his mother, father, and elder sister. He is currently graduating in B.Com, and he is single. 

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