Jose Enrique, a former Liverpool defender, takes a sharp swipe at Manchester United’s summer signing Lisandro Martinez

After Manchester United’s 7-0 defeat at Anfield, former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique mocked Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez. Martinez put on an awful performance.

He had a questionable role in the first goal by Cody Gakpo (43′), when the Argentine stopped David De Gea from seeing. After that, Mohamed Salah scored the third goal for the hosts, which was also scored by Gakpo (50′).

Jose Enrique, who played for Liverpool throughout his career, mocked Martinez’s nickname, “The Butcher.” He shared a picture of the central defender dressed as a chef.

Martinez was also criticized by Paul Scholes for his rookie mistakes. Mirror quotes the legendary midfielder as saying:

“You can see David’s reaction to Martinez there. He doesn’t quite attack him, but I believe he should. He needs to trust his goalkeeper. We are discussing a top goalkeeper; do not get in his way. It is illegal for anyone to get in the goalkeeper’s way.”

Following their victory, the Reds are now fifth in the league. From their 25 matches, they have scored 42 points. With 49 points from 25 games, Manchester United remains in third place.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, discussed Andy Robertson’s performance against Manchester United:

Andy Robertson of Liverpool performed admirably against Manchester United. The left-back assisted once and maintained a steady presence throughout. Klopp said, via the Reds’ official website, about the Scottish star’s performance:

“Good! Look, that is a great circumstance. In the previous match, I think everyone was aware of how good Kostas is. He made a big impression and set a great goal. However, Robbo is Robbo, and I believe he benefited from his 90-minute break today. It was an outstanding performance, comparable to that of a flying Scotsman!”

Robertson has contributed 61 assists for the Anfield team since joining in 2017. With nine assists in 30 matches thus far this season, he has once again been in his element.

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