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Kiki’s Conveyance Administration Anime Gets Rethought as a Game

A craftsman and Studio Ghibli fan rethinks Kiki’s Conveyance Administration as a pixel-workmanship game, highlighting the protagonist and her dark feline.
A video game based on Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service was recently created by an artist.

The 1989 Japanese vivified film by Hayao Miyazaki is about a youthful witch named Kiki who conveys products while riding her brush. She’s joined by a talking dark feline named Jiji.

Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro are two iconic films produced by Studio Ghibli. Ni No Kuni is the sole video game developed by Ghibli that has gone on to become a popular RPG series.

The Princess Mononoke-inspired Soulframe is one video game that was heavily influenced by Studio Ghibli’s work. and Battle Chef Brigade, whose menus were influenced in part by the bakery of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

In light of Studio Ghibli’s particular personal plan and dream-filled stories, imaginative fans have reproduced the movies for their craft. With their isometric video game sample based on Kiki’s Delivery Service, pixel artist loud trumpets executed this.

They shared images of a menu screen, Kiki and Tombo conversing in the bakery, a minigame in which players can design cookies, and Kiki and Jiji hurrying to get deliveries in a tweet. If the game were real, it appeared to run on either a Nintendo 3DS or Switch based solely on the artwork.

Cloudtrumpets has previously produced video game mockups and other artwork that was influenced by Ghibli. The protagonist of their Arrietty-inspired RPG is getting ready to fight a massive cat. In addition, they produced a “Borrower’s Compendium” that listed all of the animals and plants that Arrietty encountered.

Cloudtrumpets’ Kiki’s Delivery Service game received praise for its design and praise for its work. Many people wanted to put it on their wishlists, hoping that someone would make it into a real game and even suggesting that a Kickstarter be held for it.

In addition, the artist replied that working on this would be a “dream game.”In the meantime, there were suggestions for additional minigames based on the movie, such as doing the old lady’s chores.

An independent studio might be willing to collaborate with the artist in the future in light of the game’s favorable reception.

Fans can still play Ni No Kuni: despite the fact that Studio Ghibli does not appear to be working on newer games. The mobile version of Cross Worlds and the remastered Ni No Kuni: Xbox Wrath of the WitchFans may also enjoy games with stories and artwork reminiscent of Ghibli.

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