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Kingdom Hearts 4 Releases First Official Track

Fans can now listen to ‘Reality in the Dark,‘ the first official music track for Kingdom Hearts 4, thanks to an as-of-late released vinyl collection.

The first official music track for Kingdom Hearts 4 has just been released as a component of the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary vinyl collection. Fans finally got official affirmation that Square Enix is working on the following Kingdom Hearts game last April in the type of obscure Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer. In it, Sora awakens in a modern-looking city named Quadratum – with perfect timing to fight a massive monster using his trusty Keyblade and some sort of grappling snare capacity.

No further details about Kingdom Hearts 4 have been uncovered so far, yet fans have normally speculated about where Sora’s story will pursue Kingdom Hearts 3 closed the series-spanning “Dark Seeker” legend bend. There has also been banter about which Disney-claimed properties could be introduced as new worlds in Kingdom Hearts 4 – with extremely observant viewers spotting a hint at Star Wars in the initial KH 4 trailer. Sufficiently sure, the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer itself has been ready with stowed-away details for no-nonsense fans of the series, including the brand-new music track that played as Sora fought against his newest adversary.

Credit- UmbraMuninn

Presently fans can listen to Kingdom Hearts 4’s rousing “Reality in the Dark” track without help from anyone else, thanks to the efforts of YouTubers like UmbraMuninn who purchased the as-of-late released Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary vinyl collection. “Reality in the Dark” was included in this gathering of the best themes from the Kingdom Hearts series as a bonus track, and fans have been uploading great rips of the song for fans to listen to without the noises from the trailer. UmbraMuninn’s transfer is especially clear, save for a couple of popping sounds.

As with most of Kingdom Hearts’ vital tunes, Kingdom Hearts 4’s “Reality in the Dark” was composed by Yoko Shimomura, a productive musician known for her work in games like Street Fighter 2, Mario + Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Shimomura has been playing “Reality in the Dark” live during showings of Kingdom Hearts Show – Second Breath, however, recordings of these concerts weren’t permitted.

This means that the new rips from the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary vinyl collection are at present the main way for most fans to listen to Kingdom Hearts 4’s “Reality in the Dark” track without anyone else – however it is inevitable before Square Enix releases an official version outside of the vinyl aggregation. The music of Kingdom Hearts is just as critical as the characters and worlds of Disney and Square Enix’s cherished crossover franchise, and “Reality in the Dark” is a fitting new expansion for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is right now being developed.

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