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La Liga has lodged a complaint against PSG about Mbappe

The Spanish league has lodged a complaint with UEFA over Paris Saint-Germain, alleging that the French club violated financial fair play regulations by offering Kylian Mbappe a new contract, which encouraged him to reject a move to Real Madrid on Wednesday.

La Liga has lodged a complaint against PSG about Mbappe

The league announced this week that it has complained to UEFA about PSG, adding to a similar claim it had filed in April about Manchester City, which it claims likewise “continually refuses to comply with the existing financial fair play criteria.”

The Spanish league has announced that it will pursue further legal action against PSG in the European Union, France, and Switzerland.

“La Liga believes that these activities impair the ecosystem and stability of soccer, affect all European clubs, and only aim to try to boost the market with money that does not originate in soccer,” the league wrote in a recent press.

Following Mbappe’s rejection of Madrid last month, the Spanish league declared that the player’s new three-year deal with PSG was “scandalous” and jeopardised European soccer’s financial stability.

“La Liga realises that certain clubs are being unlawfully supported, whether through direct financial infusions or via partnerships and other arrangements that do not conform to market circumstances or make economic sense,” the league stated on Wednesday.

The Spanish league claims that a deal with Mbappe would be financially unsustainable given PSG’s recent losses while keeping an expensive roster that includes Lionel Messi and Neymar.

The accusation over Man City was submitted in April, and the league has stated that it may take more action against the teams when new information becomes available.

PSG is managed by Qatar Sports Investments, whilst Man City is owned by Abu Dhabi.

Spanish league president Javier Tebas has frequently chastised state-owned teams for failing to follow financial fair play regulations. He called Mbappe’s decision to remain with PSG a “INSULT to soccer” once the news came.

The French league later addressed Tebas a letter in which it condemned his charges and stated that they were unjustified.