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Lewis Hamilton is aware that his F1 career is not “forever,” but that the time to retire is “not now.”

Next season, Hamilton will enter the final year of his Mercedes contract, but there are indications that it will not be his last.

Toto Wolff, manager of the Mercedes team, revealed that Hamilton told him he still has five years left in him. This contradicts previous statements that Hamilton was nearing the end of his career.

Even though he did not provide any figures, Hamilton did say that he does not anticipate retiring anytime soon.

“It’s not always, however something inside is telling me, ‘you’re not finished at this point.You must continue to push.According to The New York Times, Hamilton stated, “You’ve got more to do, more to achieve.”

I’ve been racing for 30 years, and it will be 30 or more years before I stop. It’s going to be hard one day.Fortunately for me, it is not right now.

Hamilton revealed that his father Anthony and brother Nicolas are very supportive of his desire to continue racing, whereas his mother and sister are less supportive.

Outside of Formula 1, the seven-time World Champion is involved in a variety of ventures, including businesses, charitable work, and most recently, an acting and film production.

According to Hamilton, “My dad and my brother, they are like, “yeah, keep racing forever,” because they are racers.”I can clearly sense that my mother and sister want me to do whatever I want.

“They can likewise perceive how tiring it is, that it weighs weighty on you.I sometimes fall asleep on the couch when I go to my sister’s house.

However, Hamilton claims that his love for the series means he has more to give, despite the fact that the demands of the Formula 1 schedule wear him down.

Hamilton replied, “Because there is no doubt that I love what I do,” when asked why he continues.I truly enjoy the challenge presented each weekend and our collective willingness to show up each weekend.

Hamilton and the Mercedes team had a very hard time in the 2022 season.Hamilton had a winless season for the first time in his Formula 1 career, rather than attempting to win a record eighth World Championship.

Although there was speculation earlier in the season that the Mercedes W13 would.

not be able to bring George Russell and Lewis Hamilton into contention for the championship, Mercedes principal Toto Wolff stated that he never had such concerns.

Wolff went on to say that Hamilton is “very good at sensing what’s right for him,” revealing that:We have those conversations on a regular basis, not particularly about extending our contracts but rather about where we are going as individuals and what our goals are.We talk about that all the time.

I had no doubt that he would not leave Formula 1 in the event of a bad year like this one.To say, “The car is not good enough.

However, Vettel’s best opportunities vanished in 2017 and 2018, and he was informed ahead of the 2020 season that he would be leaving the team.

Vettel has previously referred to his time at Ferrari as a failure because he did not achieve his goal of winning another World Championship and returning Ferrari to the top of Formula 1.

Binotto concurs with Vettel’s assessment, but he emphasizes that the team and driver as a whole were to blame for the failure, not just Vettel.

Binotto stated to members of the media, including PlanetF1 in Abu Dhabi, “I think he is somehow right because when he joined Ferrari, he was ambitious, his objective.

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