Lionel Messi Deifies Heritage By Winning Argentina’s ‘Cup Of Delight’

The performer Messi himself was at the front, scoring multiple times in the competition, remembering two strikes for the see-saw last experience against reigning champs France.

What does it take to be immortalized as one of history’s greats in a sport that annually produces superstars? The response might be quite straightforward at the same time.

It certainly could be simple to become popular in the sport that is considered to be the most popular in the world in today’s world, where every tackle, pass, and goal scored is instantly uploaded to the smartphones of millions of football fans.

Football is a passion for millions across the globe and players are loved and despised for their exhibitions in club football consistently. However, their participation with the national team, particularly during the FIFA World Cup, is what earns them a spot in the Hall of Fame.

From Alfredo de Stefano to Johan Cryuff, Ferenc Puskas to Lev Yashin, and Zico to Michel Platini, there have been numerous stars who have achieved greatness on the greens over the course of their careers.

Pele of Brazil and Diego Maradona of Argentina

However, when it comes to the list of the greatest of them all, only two people stand out: Pele of Brazil and Diego Maradona of Argentina. This is due to the fact that leading their respective nations to the World Cup title ensured that their names would be immortalized in footballing history. This was in addition to the exceptional skills and accomplishments that the two athletes could boast of.

On December 18, 2022, another name was added to that exclusive and exclusive list of all. Messi, Lionel. A World Cup victory was just the stamp he needed to become an all-time great, but his silken dribbling skills and numerous club and international goals were not enough to make him legendary.

For close to two decades, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have captivated football fans worldwide. Whenever the question of who should be considered the “GOAT” was brought up, the only point of contention was that neither player had ever won a global trophy.

Messi led Argentina to the Copa America in 2021 and Ronaldo led Portugal to the Euro in 2016, but these were continental titles.

For these two greats, who may never again compete at the World Cup, winning the big trophy was crucial in Qatar. In the end, it was an inspired Argentinian team that delivered for Messi.

The magician himself led the way, scoring seven goals during the tournament, including two in a close game against France, the defending champions.

He broke a number of records on his way to the trophy that Argentina has wanted since the great El Diego won it for them 36 years ago. Having finally followed in the footsteps of his idol, Messi is now Argentina’s “Messi-ah.”

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