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List of umpires in ICC and their Salaries


In Cricket world except for Bat, ball. players and wickets there is one key model of cricket are Umpires in ICC matches without them match is nothing. Check List Of Umpires In ICC And Their Salaries.



We talk a lot about players and shots but we never think about the Umpire who runs this game smoothly.

As cricket fans, we know the salary of each player, what is winning amount of the man of the match award is, but we don’t know the salary of Umpires.

In this article, we tell you a list of Umpires in ICC and their salaries. This also includes the umpire of India.

List Of Umpires In ICC And Their Salaries

Umpire’s source of income

As we all know Plyers can earn from brand endorsement etc but on tv, we have never seen any Umpire as the brand ambassador of any brand.

They earn from ICC, apart from all these things they got other facilities like traveling expenses, hotel staying expense and food.

A cricket website revealed the salaries for ICC umpires according to which $1,500 per match fee’s paid to them.

There are many development programs that help ICC to find future referees.

Umpires In ICC And Their Salaries

They got salaries according to different matches.

In the test match, they got Rs. 3,77,567

ODI matches they get Rs. 2,26,540

On other hand in T20 format Umpires get Rs.1,13,270

ICC gives an award for the best umpire, the cash prize for which is Rs. 7,36,995. Apart from all these things there annual salary is 75,51,350.

List of Umpires

UmpiresODITestT20ICCAnnual Earnings
Aleem Dar$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Bruce Oxenford$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Christopher Gaffaney$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Joel Wilson$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Marais Erasmus$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Michael Gough$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Nigel Llong$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Paul Reiffel$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Richard Illingworth$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Richard Kettleborough$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Rodney Tucker$3,000$5,000$850$3,000$100,000
David Boon$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Chris Broad$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Jeffrey Crowe$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Ranjan Madugalle$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Andrew Pycroft$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Richie Richardson$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Javagal Srinath$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000

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