Live Updates from Day 1 of the Ranji Trophy Round 2: Surya is eliminated from the Ranji Trophy 2022-23

Round 2 Day 1 Live Updates: Yashasvi and Rahane score a ton.

In the Jharkhand versus Goa match, everyone’s eyes will be on Ishan Kishan and Arjun Tendulkar.

Day 1 of the Ranji Trophy 2022-23 Live Updates:

The second round of the Ranji Trophy begins on Tuesday with matches between Rajasthan and Kerala, Jharkhand and Goa, and Delhi and Assam, seven-time champions.

In Delhi’s first match against Maharashtra, debutant Mayank Yadav, veteran Ishant Sharma, and Simarjeet Singh were all injured in the middle of the game.

This caused the team to lose nine wickets from a winning position on a track that helped the fast bowlers.

Assam, which lost their opener’s lead in the first innings to Saurashtra, will see a real chance against a depleted Delhi lineup.

All eyes will be on Ishan Kishan and Arjun Tendulkar in the Jharkhand-Goa match, who both performed admirably against Kerala and Rajasthan, respectively.

15:43 (IST) on December 20, 2022, Babul Kumar achieves 150 against Bihar and Manipur. 154 out of 218 throws, with 22 fours and three sixes. Bihar are 266/6.

15:26 (IST) 20 DEC 2022 Mumbai versus Hyderabad

Rahane has paced up his score. To reach 97, three back-to-back fours against medium pacer Ravi Teja.

15:17 (IST) December 20, 2022, Mumbai vs. Hyderabad Jaiswal scores 150 with a hard cut to left-arm spinner T Tanay.

In one over, Jaiswal struck for four runs. 359/2 Mumbai

20 December 2022, 14:55 IST, Mumbai vs. Hyderabad at Tea, Mumbai 326/2 Partnership for the third wicket: 115 in 118 balls.

Rahane on 74 (9×4 and 1×6) Jaiswal 138 off 176 balls (22×4 and 1×6).

The Hyderabad bowler appears powerless as Mumbai has dominated the entire match thus far.

15:42 (IST) December 20, 2022, Baroda vs. Haryana: JK Singh reaches 150. Currently sitting at 156 out of 198 deliveries. After 74 overs of batting, Baroda is in command at 315/2.

15:38 (IST) on December 20, 2022, Jaiswal wins against Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The Mumbai opener’s marathon innings comes to an end. He sweeps, and to his left, Hyderabad Mickil Jaiswl makes a diving catch. Out of 195 balls, Jaiswal scored 162.

Bengal vs. Himachal Pradesh at 15:33 IST on December 20, 2022.

Himachal Pradesh’s Sidharth Sharma takes five wickets. In his 18.2 overs, he has bowled two maidens and given up 67 runs so far. 260/9 Bengal

15:27 (IST) on December 20, 2022, the Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane scored the winning goal against Hyderabad.

There were 121 balls. Two maximums and 13 fours With 377/2, Mumbai is going strong

20 December 2022, 14:54 IST Tea Break in Gujarat: 196/3 against J&K Odisha in 61 overs:

174/5 in 60 overs against Uttarakhand Rajasthan 202/4 in 57 overs against Kerala Mizoram 71/3 in 25 overs against Arunachal Pradesh Railways 22/0 in 60 overs against Punjab Vidarbha 206 for 5 in 60 overs against Tripura Baroda 270 for 2 in 65 overs against Haryana Andhra 192/4 in 66 overs against Tamil Nadu Maharashtra 155/2 in 60 overs against Saurashtra Mumbai 326 for Jaiswal’s batting average was 135. shortly after the lifeline Ajinkya Rahane came and addressed Jaiswal, who was descending the wrinkle to play spinners.

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