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Lord of the Rings mobile game Announced, What is the Release Date and Game Play

Great news for Lord of the Rings lovers. Because this is going to be the next licensed title from the Heroes of the Medal of Electronic Arts. At the same time, EA LOTR is coming back to games. Not only that, this game will be available on both iOS and Android. Check Lord of the Rings mobile game Announced.

Although not much information has been published about the LOTR title. However, the revelation did not make any mistake in making the project look promising. A limited beta test will be launched in the summer of 2022, according to the source.

Lord of the Rings mobile game Announced, What is the Release Date and Game Play

Lord of the Rings mobile game Announced
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EA made an announcement on Monday. As it turns out, Heroes of Middle Earth is partnering with more enterprises through a new free-to-mobile game. moreover, EA has described the upcoming title as a collectible role-playing game for smartphones.

This game is being created by EA Capital Games based in California. Where the company has been inspired by the literary work of JRR Tolkien. That means there are two film trilogies and a TV series.

And where we get to see highly trusted graphics and cinematic animation. Not only that, here we see the turn-based battle of the hobbit and the lord of the rings. On the other hand, well-known characters and stylized arts will also be unveiled before us.


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Its gameplay is not yet known very precisely. But I will give you some information. Which can give you a beautiful full picture. Basically, EA referred to Heroes of Medal as a collectible RPG stuck. Players spend in-game resources for random prizes.

Then when your team is together, you will use them in turn-based BG combat. And I can assure you that it will be a lot of fun. However, in this game, you will have a strategic social competitive experience.

Players fight through the iconic stories of Tolkien’s world. And the great evil of the Middle Ages is fought against. And most importantly you need an endless internet connection while you are on this quest.

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