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Luka Modrić: Fans and ultras in his own

legendary league occasionally employ bizarre tactics to annoy rival players. During European away games, one of these measures is to try to disrupt the players’ sleep by lighting fireworks near their hotel. This has happened before, most recently in Paris, when Real Madrid was the target. Imagine using fireworks from the neighbourhood grocery store to distract Luka Modric, a man who has run from place to place amid real mortar shells.

Compared to the majority of players who have played in this game, Luka Modric has had a more successful club career.

A unicorn with physical tenacity, durability, and footballing skill that is only his own, he has won the Champions League five times. People become commentators, managers, ambassadors, or, with luck, bench players at 37. In yet another signature Luka Modric performance, the 37-year-old defeated Brazil, the favourites to win the FIFA World Cup 2022.

That is not even whenever he first makes these stunts appear out of nowhere. When Modric led an underdog team all the way to the final in 2018, he created the greatest story in Croatian football history. He’s almost there again, four years later, in yet another unimaginable World Cup campaign. Some may not like Croatia’s strategy, but the team, like Modric, has worked tirelessly and without compromise to get where they are.

Luka Modric has the most progressive passes of any FIFA World Cup 2022 player.

There is currently no player on the planet with more passes into the final third. He is the fourth player in this tournament with the most tackles and interceptions. Additionally, he ranks fourth in terms of recovered loose balls. At 37, that is not typical for a person like a starter for the greatest club on the planet.Whether predetermination has a way for Luka Modric that harmonises with a World Cup prize or not is at this point unclear.

The greatness of Luka Modric, on the other hand, is unquestionable.

 He is without a doubt Real Madrid’s greatest midfielder ever. Having the best players of almost any generation is completely normal for a club like Real Madrid, which is also unique in every aspect of the game, just like Modric. In any case, Modric stands apart even at this club. It is also unquestionable that he is Croatia’s greatest ever football player.

Luka Modric has already established an unparalleled legacy of longevity, self-improvement, and health preservation for athletes of all ages, regardless of the World Cup’s semi-final matchup with Argentina. He is a role model for both the club and the country. His career has already served as an inspiration for future generations. He is a leader both on and off the field, something that many of his rivals were not when they were playing football.

Modric never shied away from a challenge, and he did it all with grace during his masterclasses outside of the locker room. In the event that the semi-last of the World Cup 2022 is Modric’s last dance in global football, then, at that point, it’s been an honour. We move on and continue to appreciate his greatness even if it isn’t.

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