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Mastercard New York Mini Run 2022: Three generations ran on the track, Julian Grace, 84, of America, ran with a 60-year-old daughter and three grandchildren

Julian Grace started running in 1971 when her husband inspired her to do so. She started with a half-mile run. Then he did not like running much. Gradually, Grace increased the distance and ran the first two miles in 1972. She came in at number one but wasn’t familiar with traditional finish line tapes.

They didn’t know that the tape at the finish line had to be crossed. They got out from under the tape. Then slowly he learned things. The three-generation and 5 members recently participated in the 2022 Mastercard New York Mini 10K. Julian Grace of 84 with her daughter and three grandchildren.


Participated in the world’s first all-women race

He took part in the New York Mini Run for the first time in 1975. It was the world’s first all-women race, beginning in 1972. Only 70 amateur runners took part in the first race. By 1975 (when Grace first ran) the number of runners had reached 276.

Grace, 84, says, ‘I clearly remember feeling a sense of empowerment and confidence of women back then. For the first time in my life, I felt like an athlete.’ This time the 46th New York Mini Run was very special for Grace, as three generations of her family ran in it. In addition to Grace, his 60-year-old daughter Dede Back, Beck’s three daughters (Julian, 27, Melissa, 22, and Alison, 21) also landed.

Grace hasn’t run here only once since she started running. In 2010, she missed a run in the New York Mini Run due to her 50th wedding anniversary. Grace wore men’s gym shorts and running shoes in her first race, as women’s athletic clothing was not readily available at the time. This time more than 8000 athletes took part in the New York Mini Run, including about a dozen Olympians and five Paralympians.