Mayank Agarwal presses the reset button to concentrate solely on Karnataka

The new captain of India says that if he can score a lot of runs in the Ranji Trophy, like he did in 2017-18, he will be selected.

Mayank Agarwal isn’t as focused on making a Test comeback as much as he is on replicating the kind of Ranji Trophy season he had in 2017-18, when he scored 1160 runs in 13 innings.

Due to Agarwal’s decline in performance over the past six months, he will not be participating in India’s Test tour of Bangladesh.

Shubman Gill and Abhimanyu Easwaran have been working hard to impress the selection committee at the same time.

In addition, he has been let go from Punjab Kings, his IPL team, which he captained earlier this year.

I want to examine my procedures, the areas in which I need to improve, and the steps I need to take to maintain my current level of performance.

Additionally, I have the confidence to deliver those performances.

With all of R Samarth, Devdutt Padikkal, and Pandey in the mix, Agarwal has a strong batting lineup on which to rely.

The only notable absence is Karun Nair, who has lost favor with the coaches following a three-season run of poor results.

However, he appeared to be rediscovering his touch at times during the most recent campaign.

The selectors have given Nikin Jose, who is 22 years old and was Karnataka’s leading run-getter in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Vishal Onat, who has had a great run in age-group cricket, their due.

On Tuesday, one of them may get their first start

They are talented, have the temperament, and they have the talent.

We want to support them and aid in their education.

We want the team to be motivated by a desire to win awards, and we’re hungry for that.

Every one of us must be essential for this climate, there’s no need to focus on a couple of players coming in and making that.

It will all add up if 20 to 25 of us create that. And when everything comes together, the results will come naturally.”

Having said that, we have mentioned our hunger, but we must also plan ahead and be flexible.

Be conscientious. With the skills we have, the results will come naturally if we can accomplish that.

There is no denying that we are determined to win. We want to help Karnataka win awards.”

Therefore, the Ranji Trophy will begin on December 13. What is new?

First off, we will have a full season, and not a diminished one.

This tournament will run for ten weeks beginning on Tuesday, in contrast to 2021-22, when it was divided into pre- and post-IPL phases due to Covid-19.

Furthermore, is all the other things separated from the organization the standard thing?

Nope. In an effort to maintain the high standard of its flagship first-class competition, the BCCI has modified it.

The tournament has been divided into two categories this time around:

Plate and the Elite This indicates that we will also have two distinct winners.

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