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Messi vs Ronaldo – The all-time Career goals and stats

Recently Messi lifted his second international trophy when Argentina defeated Italy. The Copa America champions, Argentina with 3-0 were all over Italy. Messi again put his best foot forward and became the fourth on the list of men’s football international goal scorers with 86 goals while his rival Christian Ronaldo has been leading with 117 goals. Check Messi vs Ronaldo – The all-time Career goals and stats.

Hands down, Christian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will go as the greatest footballers in the world. With Messi winning yet another trophy, this again has sparked the world debate on who is a better footballer, and who is the best. Fans across the globe compare the two legends over goals and stats. 

Both the players share countless awards, goals, trophies, and records between them. The competition has always been in high spirits. Let’s find out their career stats.

Messi vs Ronaldo - The all-time Career goals and stats
Credit: / Messi vs Ronaldo – The all-time Career goals and stats

Champions League: Messi vs Ronaldo 

Currently, The Portugal Skipper, Christian Ronaldo is the leading goal scorer in the Champions League with Manchester United and Real Madrid with 183 appearances and 140 goals. Ronaldo holds the record for most appearances in the champion league taking over Iker Casillas. 

However, Messi is not far behind with 156 appearances and 125 goals, the footballer has a good chance to take over Ronaldo. 

International stats – Players’ profile 

Ronaldo and Messi are giving cutthroat competition on an international level, both have some similar records. In 2020 Ronaldo equaled the record of 109 international goals by Ali Daei at Euro 2020. 

Rondalo holds a record of 187 international caps, and 117 goals currently while Messi holds 162 international caps, and 86 goals. 

Titles – Messi vs Ronaldo 

Both the legends are yet to achieve a world cup while they hold pretty similar titles. Though, Messi is ahead when it comes to league titles. He won 10 times La Liga with Barcelona while Ronaldo has 7 titles. 

Ronaldo takes the lead in the Champions League, he has notable success in European Championship, the UEFA nations league with Portugal. While Messi on the other hand lost four times and three-time finals in the Copa America Campaigns. 

Club goals 

Manchester United has the advantage of playing two more seasons than their rivals Argentina so far. Ronaldo has scored more club goals than Messi. Both have net 680 club goals with 2009-10, 2014-15 as the golden era for both of them. 

They both pushed each other in a healthy competition that led them to the greatest height. During 2011-2012 Messi hit 73 goals, later his average dropped. 

Ronaldo surpassed 50 goals every season for consecutively six years between 2010-11, and 2015-16.  However, recently, Ronaldo’s seasonal totals have decreased while Messi has been consistent through the seasons. 

This debate can go on for years, the fans of one player would state facts about why he is the GOAT while others can do the same. However, we all can agree on one thing: they both are the greatest footballers in history.