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“Met selectors, after a century, in the Ranji final. Chetan Sharma inquired of me: The shocking “Bangladesh” revelation made by Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz broke his silence on his absence three days after the India squad was announced, revealing his initial reaction to his exclusion and describing his recent conversation with Chetan Sharma, the chairman of the selection committee.

When Sarfaraz Khan was omitted once more for the first two Tests against Australia next month, experts, veteran cricketers, and fans were shocked.

The 25-year-old has performed admirably throughout his Ranji Trophy career, going on a massive run-scoring spree over the past three seasons.

In addition, Sarfaraz has spoken out about his absence, describing his initial reaction to his exclusion and his recent conversation with Chetan Sharma, the chairman of the selection committee.

Sarfaraz scored 928 runs at 154.66 in the 2019/20 Ranji Trophy season. In the subsequent edition, he scored 982 runs in 2021/22 at 122.75.

Additionally, he has achieved 801 runs at 89 so far in the ongoing edition. His remarkable streak of three consecutive seasons has earned him a career first-class average of 80.47.

Which ranks only behind Don Bradman as the second-best among batters with at least 50 innings pitched. Any player would naturally anticipate big things from a run of this magnitude and consistency.

Additionally, heartbreak would naturally follow a denial. The same was made clear by Sarfaraz in an interview with the Times of India.

I was extremely disappointed when my name was not included in the team’s announcement. I had expected to be chosen, but I wasn’t. This would have made anyone in my position in the world sad.

When we traveled from Guwahati to Delhi yesterday, I was depressed throughout the entire day. I was contemplating the events and their causes. I was extremely alone. He added, “I also cried.”

After that, Sarfaraz made the shocking admission that the selectors had instructed him to prepare for the Bangladesh series during 2021/22 Ranji Trophy final in June. But no one chose him. He had also recently met the selectors.

“When I scored a century in the Ranji Trophy final in Bangalore, I met the selectors. Prepare for that. Chetan Sharma sir, the chief selector, and I met recently while checking into a Mumbai hotel.

He advised me that my time would come and not be discouraged. You are very close to a berth for India. You will have the chance. Therefore, I was anticipating another crucial knock. But it’s fine,” he admitted.

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