MHA Issues Pakistan Blind Cricket Team’s World Cup Visa: According to a PTI report

The MHA has approved the issuance of visas to 34 Pakistan blind cricket team officials and players for the World Cup in India.

After the Union home ministry granted visas to 34 Pakistani blind cricket players and officials, the Pakistan blind cricket team can now participate in the Blind Cricket World Cup in India. The Pakistani officials and players will receive visas from the Ministry of External Affairs once it gives its approval, allowing them to travel to India for the tournament from December 5-17.

According to a ministry official, approval for the issuance of visas for 34 Pakistani players and officials participating in the Blind Cricket World Cup has been granted by the home ministry.

The Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) had made the claim in a statement earlier in the day that its team was unable to obtain permission from the Ministry of External Affairs in India.

In a statement, the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) stated, “This unfortunate incident has left the Pakistan blind cricket team in the lurch.”

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“This discriminating act of India as sports should be above regional politics,” the PBCC stated.
At the most recent T20 World Cup for the Blind, Pakistan came in second place.

Since the Pakistan team was not participating, the Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) also stated that it would release an updated tournament schedule.

The 12-day tournament will feature seven teams vying for the title once the Pakistan team is cleared.
The other nations competing in the meet are South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The final will be held in Bengaluru, where matches will be played in Faridabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Bengaluru.

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