Michigan Wolverines’ Kris Jenkins, number 94, celebrates their 45-23 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium

It’s possible that Georgia and Michigan are swapped because the Wolverines have more wins than the Bulldogs do.Or perhaps Alabama holds the top spot because of its two close road losses.5, above Ohio State, which suffered a significant loss, 45-23, to Michigan on Saturday at home.

Boo Corrigan, the chairman of the committee, ought to make a straightforward declaration if the top four are Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and USC.The field is prepared.The four teams that will compete in the playoff are as follows:The conference championship games this weekend will only be played for seeding.
Be assured that nothing like this will be said.Well, it’s highly unlikely, but never say never.)Corrigan is in all likelihood going to take care of into a wide range of theoretical situations.

No one is naive enough to believe that what should happen and what will happen are synonymous. Having said that, there is a convincing intellectual and logical argument that the top four ought to remain the top four regardless of whether they lose the following weekend.Obviously, it is agonizingly perilous to attempt to apply rationale or scholarly contentions to school football, which is undeniably more into the football.

It doesn’t matter who wins the Mountain West or the MAC for playoff purposes.

Also, even if 8-4 Purdue beats Michigan in the Big Ten game, or 9-3 Kansas State beats TCU in the Big 12, neither team could argue for a playoff spot.
There are only six contenders, and Ohio State and Alabama, the two teams that are outside, are not playing any more games.Twelve games, or “data points,” as the committee refers to them, conclude their regular season.

After USC’s 38-27 victory over Notre Dame in an NCAA college football game on Saturday, November 26, 2022, in Los Angeles, Caleb Williams makes a gesture to the crowd.Caleb Williams and USC have already demonstrated enough to qualify for the College Football Playoff (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)AP Photograph/Imprint J. Terrill)
If, after 12 games, the panel accepts 11-1 USC has accomplished other things .

To substantiate itself deserving of a season finisher spot than Ohio State and Alabama, then it is counter-intuitive to ask USC to then play a thirteenth game and further demonstrate its value over the Buckeyes and Red Tide, who are sitting at home and gambling nothing.

It is granting Alabama and/or Ohio State a de facto bye that they undoubtedly did not earn.

The teams that qualified for their conference championship games are the ones who deserve the rewards. It would all be fair if Alabama or Ohio State played a 13th game.They would be able to play their way in, but USC or TCU would also have to compete.However, this is not true.
Or, it would be fair to consider a 13th game if one of the playoff teams didn’t play a 12th game. In the early days of the playoffs, Big 12 teams had to play a championship game to avoid being penalized by the committee for only playing 12.

The College Football Playoff’s weekly ratings show has shown a lack of consistency in how teams are ranked, the use of selective criteria, and blatant reversals in thinking—all of which are issues with the competition.The committee’s credibility has been damaged as a result.

There have been seven playoffs, excluding the disastrous 2020 COVID season, in which Ohio State, for instance, reached the championship game at 6-0.A team that only played 12 games was chosen four times.
This ought to have been much more contentious, regardless of the merits of Bama or Wisconsin—the Tide went on to win the national title—or their merits.It should not make the same mistake again if the committee, as it should, is concerned with doing what is thoughtful, scholarly, and philosophically sound.Additionally, neither OSU nor Bama this year has a candidate as strong as the Tide in 2017.

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