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Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money Details

This year’s Minecraft Championship, the company’s most well-known event, has another event coming up. There’s a brand new and exciting event scheduled for the coming year. In this event, Minecraft will be welcoming well-known Minecraft players as well as members of the LGBTQ + community that will also be participating in the event. Check Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money.

This event will be held in a couple of days and the main concern is when and where to go to the event? Here’s the answer. Scroll down, and look through every single detail.

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

Minecraft Prize Championship 2021

The Minecraft Pride Championship Live Event starts on June 26th, 2017 at midnight PST. This means that Indian players can watch the event on the 27th of June at the time of 00:30 CET. This means that the crowd will be there until you can watch the event.

If you’d like to watch the event live, go to Noxcre’s Twitch channel before the start of the course of events. You can join the channel and receive notifications about the event.

Minecraft Pride Championship 2021 What to Expect

This year’s event will include many popular players, and some new mini-games will be launched during the event. There are many teams such as The Green Guardians, The Yellow Yaks, The Red Rabbits, The Orange Ocelots, The Lime Llamas, and many others.

You must play 13 games which include Ace Race, Bingo But Fast, Parkour Warrior, Rocket Spleef, Skyblocks, and other games. Teams with the highest number of coins will be able to advance to the finals where the final results will be revealed.

Minecraft Pride Championship 2021: Prize money

The event promises cash prizes, the prize money from the event is to be given away as a charity. The winning prize will be given to a charity or donations. The prize is about 15,000 (approximately Rs. 74 lakh) of the prize from Youtube Gaming and it will be given to charities such as The Trevor Project that support many people from all over the world.

Minecraft Championship 2021: Events in Minecraft Championship 2021

Ace Race

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

It’s a three-lap race, and some players have shortcuts and dangers. Participants can run through the air, jump, or swim to get the fastest time to win the race.

Battle Box

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

A Battle royale-style PvP game that has 9 rounds and teams are matched against one another in the 4v4. The goal is to take the goal at the center before the opposition.

Massive Sale at Built Mart

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

It’s a game of speed building with a twist. The players can only buy objects from Build Mart and then collect the items before building. The players have a limited time to build the most massive structure that they can use the number of materials they’ve collected.

Hole in the Wall

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

The primary aim is to remain alive on a platform when slime walls encircle you. If you are removed from the platform, is lost. People who are long on the site will earn more coins.

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Parkour Tag

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

Parkour tag is an easy game in which one player attempts to catch the other player on the bleak map. The players who are hunting must stay away from the other player. If they do get captured, the other player wins the game.


Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

The game’s title is To Go to the Other Side or Punch a Fan and the aim is to race across an area to hit the fan. The fastest player earns the highest scores.

Sky Battle

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

Players can build defenses on floating pieces of land and move between islands. The aim is to make it to the middle of the map. The person who has the highest score wins more coins.

Survival Games

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

The players are free to wander around the area in this mode and collect resources to become stronger. The team that is the last to remain alive wins the game. It’s the easiest, yet the most enjoyable!

Finals: Dodgebolt

Minecraft Championship 2021 Prize Money

The final competition and will not be influenced through the Decision Dome. The teams with the most coins will be required to take part in this dodge and shooting arrows to win in the Minecraft Event.

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