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Most costly F1 vehicles driven by birthday kid Michael Schumacher that got sold.

Michael Schumacher, a German driver in Formula One who is frequently regarded as the greatest driver to have driven a single-seater racing car, turns 54 today, nine years after the horrific skiing accident that nearly killed him.

Over the course of his decorated career, the motorsport giant had made history and used a number of automobiles.

Those iconic automobiles frequently come under the hammer, attracting a great deal of interest and crazy money.

The most expensive Schumi-driven Ferraris that have recently been auctioned are examined in this section.

This car, known as “Chassis number 187,” was one of nine developed for the 1998 Formula 1 season. It has a perfect record, winning every race Schumi used it in that season.

The German racing phenomenon won the Canadian, British, French, and Italian Grand Prix on four separate occasions.

It is the only chassis in history to have participated in at least three races and won each one.

2001 Ferrari F2001, which sold for £5.5 million (Rs. 48 crore) in 2017, is one of Ferrari’s most successful automobiles. Schumacher won the F2001 championship once more and won his fourth Formula 1 title that year.

In this vehicle, Schuey won nine races, and the particular chassis (number 211) that was sold won the Hungarian and Monaco Grand Prix.

The third-most expensive Formula 1 vehicle ever sold at auction is this one.

2003 Ferrari F2003 – Schumacher’s championship-winning Ferrari F2003-GA car (chassis 229), which helped him win five races – Spain, Austria, Canada, Italy, and the US Grand Prix – was sold in 2022 for £10.7 million (Rs 120 crore).

The legendary driver won his sixth Formula 1 championship in this vehicle. The most expensive Formula 1 vehicle ever sold is the F2003.

Max Verstappen is still unable to comprehend why Lewis Hamilton and he are unable to maintain a clean racing record while battling on the track. While competing against other drivers like Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and even Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate George Russell, the Dutch racer maintains a clean record.

However, he and Hamilton have collided multiple times over the course of the last two seasons, with the two biggest collisions occurring in 2021 at Monza and Silverstone. Mercedes and Red Bull were at odds for most of the season during a contentious season, and the Dutchman went on to win his first title in a controversial way.

Verstappen and Hamilton were kept apart in 2022 because Mercedes couldn’t make a car that could compete. The Silver Arrows team was only able to compete with the dominant Red Bull vehicle in the final few races of the season, so it was inevitable that the two would get into a fight once more.

According to a quote from GP Fans, Verstappen stated, “I have to be careful what I’m saying here.” However, the battles I’ve been fighting with everyone have been extremely difficult and aggressive, and we have never really come together.”

Lewis Hamilton: “With Lewis, it’s a different story in some way. Also, I honestly do not comprehend.”

At the Brazilian Grand Prix, the British driver and the Dutchman were competing for second place when the Dutchman made a move inside Turn 2. Both teams’ chances of winning were jeopardized when Hamilton refused to concede and the two of them came into contact. He thought the punishment Verstappen received was harsh.

“However, I don’t get it. Perhaps it’s simply an age thing (alluding to Leclerc and Russell), that we see each other better, we are dashing more pleasant to one another. I have no idea.”

Verstappen is unsure of what he can do to alter the outcome the next time he faces Hamilton for position. The Dutchman was wary of making any further remarks because he was concerned that the British media would misinterpret them and portray them as criticism directed at the seven-time world champion.

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