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MotoGP: A system for accident detection and communication is planned for 2023

MotoGP, the highest level of motorcycle racing, is the stage where technology plays a significant role. However, accidents are imminent, and the FIM and Dorna plan to raise circuit safety standards once more by 2023.

In this regard, preparations are being made to implement a system that immediately notifies Race Direction of an accident involving one or more riders.

Corrado Cecchinelli, MotoGP’s Director of Technology, told that the idea is to implement an accident warning system across all three categories of the world championship, despite the fact that it is impossible to eliminate the risk that comes with on-track action. The objective is to minimize risk and prevent riders from being run over.

All of the bikes will be equipped with a system that immediately notifies Race Direction when they crash; similar to airbag systems, which activate the system before the rider hits the ground.

The Race Direction would be aware of the crash milliseconds before the bike actually falls onto the asphalt or gravel if this system was installed on the bikes.

The circuit timing service receives the indication of a crashed bike as soon as the system, which includes a hardware and software component, detects an accident. Following this, an alert is activated for the other riders on the track.

The time it takes to notify those on the track of the accident shortens as a result of this.
Today, riders can see the electronic displays and yellow flags that indicate an accident.

However, this isn’t the first time a rider has been penalized for failing to slow down in an area marked with yellow flags because he did not see these warnings.

People on the track will be much more aware of accidents with the system that is being designed.

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