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Much awaited Arch Manning eligible for the NFL Draft?

Much awaited Arch Manning eligible for the NFL Draft?

On Thursday Morning, Arch Manning chose the Texas Longhorns and everybody is wondering when he will be eligible for the NFL draft. He has decided to commit to the Texas Longhorns. 

As per rules, every player that is eligible for the NHL draft should go for at least 3 years after being removed from high school. So, simply the answer for Arch Manning available for draft is by the 2026 NFL draft. 

Manning, the no. 1 overall player in 2023, is not the latest prodigious quarterback in Texas Longhorns. NFL fans are likely to hear his name in coming years along with Peyton and Eli Manning, the grandson of Archie Manning. 

However, he is going to begin college, so until he is eligible for the draft, a lot can happen. 

Much awaited Arch Manning eligible for the NFL Draft?

The draft projection of Arch Manning 

Time would tell how the rising high school senior is going to be fair in the NFL draft. To date only two players from the top in their respective classes have become top NFL draft picks from 2000 onwards. 

As far as Arch manning is concerned, he can take advantage of his family for his development as a player. He also has to Navigate NFL draft experience. From the Manning family, Peyton and Eli both were college standouts and their talent was transferred into the NHL. 

His grandfather Archie Manning 1971 was the no. 2 overall pick. He’s going to the New Orleans Saints was the only choice after the New England Patriots picked Jim Plunkett. His uncles Peyton and Eli Manning, the no. 1 overall NFL picks by Indianapolis Colts in 1998 and San Diego Chargers in 2004. However, Eli got traded to the New York Giants immediately. 

Now Arch Manning is going to reach the NFL draft with a lot of expectations considering his family reputation. 

The top NFL draft overall recruits

Manning can expect something good, one recruit from his class who ranked at the top in 200 and was drafted in the NFL exception was Trenton Thompson. Despite being the overall top pick in 2015, he was undrafted out of Georgia in 2018. 

 Out of 19 top-rated players, 13 have been drafted in the first round since 2000. 9 from the top 10 have been drafted in the NFL since 2000. Nolan Smith, the no. 1 player in the class of 2019 already exhausted his ability, he returned to senior season instead of the NFL draft in 2022. The most recent recruit to play 4 Collegiate seasons was Ronal Powell, the Florida defensive end. He was drafted in 2014 in the 5th round. 

Here are a few NFL-drafted players from different class 

  • Trevor Lawrence from Clemson was drafted in 2021 from the class of 2018. 
  • Jaelan Philips from UCLA was drafted in 2020 from the class of 2017. 
  • Rashan Gary from Michigan college was drafted in 2019 from the 2016 class.
  • Trenton Thompson from Georgia college was drafted in 2018 from the class of 2015. 
  • Leonard Fournette from LSU college was drafted in 2017 from the class of 2014. 

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