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Neil Wagner get angry on the middle ground umpire, the voice recorded in the stump mic BAN vs NZ

In the ongoing series of BAN vs NZ fast bowler of NZ Neil Wagner get angry on umpire on the middle of the ground, this series is of 2 matches.

There was a very surprising sight in the first test match. By the way, incidents keep happening on the playground.


This does not go unnoticed, but now the field is completely equipped with cameras.

Due to which the smallest incidents that happened on the field are captured on the camera.

Something similar was seen in the first Test match between New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Neil Wagner got angry on ground

Bangladeshi captain Mominul Haque was caught by New Zealand wicketkeeper Tom Blundell on the ball of fast bowler Wagner.

Due to this, Mominul Haque was declared out by the on-field umpire but TV umpire Wayne Knights gave the ball a no-ball.

After this, Wagner’s anger was recorded in the stump mike. After this incident, Wagner said,

“If my foot is like this, it’s touching the ground, it’s not a no-ball”. Not only this, but Wegner also used some abusive words which were recorded on the stump mike.

NZ vs BAN is playing their first test match which starts from 1 Jan to 5 Jan in which till now NZ is leading by 17 runs.

Video of Neil Wagner is getting Viral

New Zealand fast bowler Neil Wagner took three wickets from Bangladesh’s top order to put the NZ team in a stronger position in the match.

Meanwhile, Wagner had almost taken the fourth wicket in his name, but the umpire declared that ball as a no-ball, due to which Wagner got furious.

Till today Bangladesh and NZ total play 15 matches, where NZ won all matches and BAN lost all these matches.

Bangladesh does not have a good record against New Zealand. 

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