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Neymar, a superstar player for PSG, tweets, “F*** you, I hate you.” A press officer confirms that Neymar was hacked

After attacking a Brazilian news outlet on Twitter, Neymar’s media representative has confirmed that the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) superstar had his Twitter account hacked.

The forward posted erroneous messages on his Twitter account on Tuesday (March 28), leaving fans in a state of confusion. Choquei, a Brazilian news outlet, was the target of one of the aforementioned tweets. The Portuguese-language post read like this:

“F*** you, I hate you,” read another erroneous post. Owned by zesty tmj, “3 love the snow one salve pro SRK, KOMI, B33CK_ FODACE A WAY” “Salve pro bricin e mandrake77” was also tweeted five times by Neymar’s account, but it did not appear to have any particular meaning.

The aforementioned tweets were promptly deleted from the account of the PSG superstar, but the message directed at Choquei remained for some time. In their initial response to the 31-year-old, the publication wrote, “The outlet initially saw the funny side of the incident.”

“We love you too” Choquei pointed out, however, that even after recovering his account, the former Barcelona superstar had not deleted the tweet he had sent to them. They wrote when the post was finally taken down:

“Neymar deleted a tweet in which he swore at Choquei after two hours and with almost one hundred thousand likes.”

In the meantime, a press officer stated, via Canal Supporters, that the PSG superstar’s account had been hacked:

“It was compromised. Twitter has dealt with the issue. I do not currently have any additional information.”

Rafaella, the Brazilian sister, also had her Twitter account hacked because it was posting random messages. She confirmed the same on Instagram, writing (via Choquei):

“Those things weren’t posted by me. Everyone tells lies. Even the app is missing from my phone.”

Since the aforementioned tweets have since been removed, it also appears that she has recovered her account.

Neymar, the superstar player for PSG, is struggling:

Neymar had a good start to the season, scoring 11 goals and providing nine assists in 13 Ligue 1 games before the end of the season. However, since the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, things have not gone as planned for him.

After Brazil was eliminated by Croatia in the quarterfinals, the forward’s hopes of winning the World Cup vanished. Following that, he struggled for form at PSG, drawing severe criticism for it. To make matters worse, the former Santos FC star injured his ankle last month when the Parisians defeated LOSC Lille 4-3. He has now been declared ineligible for the remainder of the season. He lost €1 million playing online casino this week, off the field.

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