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Neymar is training “24 hours a day” to be ready for the World Cup

In an effort to overcome his ankle injury and return to the World Cup, Neymar is exercising “24 hours a day,” according to colleague Marquinhos of Brazil.

Neymar is training “24 hours a day” to be ready for the World Cup

Neymar will not play against Switzerland on Monday after tearing ligaments in his right ankle during the team’s 2-0 victory against Serbia on Thursday. He still held out hope that he would recover, but the team doctors have not yet provided a timeline for his comeback or indicated if he would return at all.

He is dozing off during physical treatment, according to Marquinhos. “That demonstrates how much he wants to be with us again. Although we don’t know when it will happen, we want to have him back with us as soon as possible and in good physical and emotional health.

The injury-plagued right back Danilo and Neymar had to be “forced,” according to Brazil coach Tite, to forgo their Sunday treatment in order to join their colleagues for the final practice before the match against Switzerland. Neymar was receiving physiotherapy until five or six in the morning, according to Tite, who said this after the match against Serbia.

The previous day, Neymar had said on Instagram that he was “confident” he would “have an opportunity to return.” His ankle was still considerably swollen in the pictures he shared.

After the injury, Neymar reportedly felt down but was now becoming more optimistic, according to Marquinhos.

Before of the match against Switzerland, the defender stated, “I see him quite well and confident about returning.” His return is his first priority.

Neymar and Danilo, who hurt his ankle against Serbia, are both expected to return, according to Tite, who is still confident.

Tite declared, “I’m not a doctor, I’m not an authority.” But I still think Danilo and Neymar will participate at the World Cup. I believe we can still make use of them.

Although Tite has several choices to replace Neymar, he acknowledged that it is difficult to match a player’s quality.

Who will start on Monday instead of Neymar or Danilo was not disclosed by the coach. Danilo’s replacement choices included Dani Alves and Eder Militio.

With 75 goals, Neymar, 30, is two goals below Pelé’s record for Brazil’s national team but still second on the scoring chart. With Brazil, he is still without a significant victory.

After suffering a back injury against Colombia in the World Cup quarterfinal, Neymar was forced to depart Brazil 2014. His right ankle injury prevented him from playing in the 2019 Copa América.

In the last game of Group G, Brazil will play Cameroon in an effort to win its first World Cup championship in 20 years. If Serbia loses to Cameroon on Monday, the squad may advance to the round of 16 with a victory.

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