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NFL Begins: Reasons Why We Should All Get Ready for Sports Overload

NFL Begins: Reasons Why We Should All Get Ready for Sports Overload

NFL Begins: Reasons Why We Should All Get Ready for Sports Overload: As of the beginning of this day, we can say that the passionate fan has never had more control than they do now. There is expansion, rescheduling and restructuring, along with the simple fact that sporting leagues and competitions don’t like minimalism. This leaves us with a major, frenetic sporting season on our hands all year round.

NFL Begins: Reasons Why We Should All Get Ready for Sports Overload: As of the beginning of this day, we can say that the passionate fan
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If you didn’t complete all your summer goals by the end of the year, don’t worry. Split up those tasks into January so that you can accomplish them then.

If anyone is planning to have their wedding near the beginning of this month, be sure to RSVP and tell the couple that you are there for them no matter what time of day they chose. If they are a sports fan and picked a Friday, you should totally stick around and support them, as they’ll appreciate your company.

There will be 257 games of football in the NFL between now and the turn of the year, as well as all kinds of plot lines. There is also a chance that there may be a 48-year-old quarterback who will try to earn his eighth ring for an even 50 days.

College football returns with another 59 days of action in late-2022, giving its fans a year-long feast to enjoy.  The sport is also making preparations for structural changes and realignment on the horizon as well as a greatly improved playoffs.

With World Cup kicking in the middle of a busy European soccer season, the best players for their national teams will be coming fresh with many having a little break beforehand.

Players in Qatar will be under immense pressure to win a crucial tournament. There are only three days of rest, and athletes will have to play 64 games in just four weeks. The United States, led by Christian Pulisic, has never made it to the World Cup Finals before.

You know now that the waiting for your favorite sports team to win or losing streak to end can be a long and tedious process. With the advances in technology, you’re experiencing it all all over again because everything was different this time.

In the next 116 days, it will be difficult to keep up with everything “now.” Don’t worry, though; you’ll have not just sugar-coated drips of sports in the future, but a glorious waterfall of gluttony.

As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate, with the rise of websites like FaceTiming Toddlers, “Peppa Pig” has become unreasonably difficult to watch by comparison. In fact, it’s so bad for your mental health that many parents have taken to rescuing their children from this insipid show in favor of opening their eye to the global wonderment of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. You’re lucky Peppa never ended up in the slow cooker…

As for adult relationships, what better date night could there be than a World Series and cuddle session? On the subject of baseball, this season’s postseason sees an expanded pool of 12 teams in contention. With more teams and more games with one potential schedule outcome that would see only two days without baseball post-season play.

In addition, previously some of the most interesting and impactful things might happen before big game sevens, as Aaron Judge’s hit for home run immortality plateaued at 55, showing no sign of slowing.

The longing for something to keep us occupied demonstrates the permanence of sports in our culture. As media consumption has expanded, so has commercial demand for sports content, as evidenced by the large number of people watching a game or event live.

If that’s not enough, the NASCAR playoffs are now underway and will continue through November. The NBA will have at least one game playing on a different day of the week in October. The tennis US open is still ongoing, and golf has changed a lot recently with LIV’s future up-in-the air. So much more to cover and so many news stories to keep up with right now!

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