NFL Referee Salary 2021, Strike, Positions, Assignments all you need to know

National Football League is a professional football tournament in America that is a 100 years old league. All the 32 participating teams compete to win the title of one of the four major North American professional football leagues. So Check NFL Referee Salary 2021.

The current champions for the league are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where it is the 2md title of the team. The most successful team in the league is the Green Bay Packers where they have won 13 titles in total.

The highest level of operation in the NFL is carried out by the referee. A referee keenly takes part in the game and looks at each and every shot of the game. Check out more details about the NFL Referee Salary 2021, strike, positions, assignments, and other information here on this page.

NFL Referee Salary 2021

The NFL salaries for the referee are yet to be out as the officials haven’t yet declared the salaries for the referees. However, the data about the 2019 salaries of the players are available here. The referees were paid an average salary of $205,000 in the 2019 season of the game.

The total salary for the referee of the team is $205,000 which includes a base rate plus a certain amount of money per game.

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NFL Refereee Assignments

There are various assignments to the referee in the game of the National Football League. There are places like Back Judge, Side Judge, Field Judge, Down Judge, Line Judge, and the Umpire in the league.

The available assignments for NFL are as follows.

Back Judge

He will be 25 yards behind the scrimmage line and inside the defensive backfield. The judge’s work is to note the time, a number of the defensive players, tight ends, television breaks, and other players. The special assignment for the referee is to look at the vis-a-vis pass plays, run plays, and special teams.

Side Judge

The Side Judge is at a location of 20 yards behind the scrimmage. He signals the NFL referee after the time expires for every quarter.

Field Judge

The field judge will be a distance of 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage in the defensive backfield. The role of the field judge will be to count defensive players and watching the wide receivers’ backs on the nearest side.

Line Judge

The line judge stays at the lining up on the sideline opposite the down judge and they keep an eye down the line of scrimmage. Their work is to look at chain crew direction.

Down Judge

They look directly below the line of scrimmage, the down judge will be directing the chain crew. They will be informing the referee of the down and rules on sideline plays.

NFL Referee Salary