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NFL World’s reaction to Aaron Rodgers contract news



Aaron Rodgers contract news
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This offseason brought good news for Aaron Rodgers when the Green Bay Packers signed the quarterback with a three-year contract and $150 million extensions. 

As part of the contract, Green Bay Packers agreed to pay $40 million on 31st December. But later Green Bay Packers decided to split the payment in two. It means that Rodgers will receive $20.8 million on 20 June 2022, Monday. And the rest of the payment $20 Million will be paid before September, as per the reports by NFL insider Field Yates. 

Recently on 16 June, 2022 Field Yates Tweeted about a Contract extension and payment deals for Rodgers which led to fans talking. 

Many NFL fanatics and Aaron Rodger fans have been tweeting about his paycheck. 

A fan joked on Twitter  ” I can’t even imagine waking up on Monday and seeing $20 million in my account.” 

While another wrote ” So Aaron Rogers took us through this whole Green Bay Packers saga only to return back with guaranteed money and a big contract! He ain’t foot but took some of y’all for one.” 

Jordan Love reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ contract news 

Recently, Jordan Love of Green Bay Packers spoke to the press while Aaron’s contract subject was in the rounds. The quarterback has all the positive things to say about the contract. He said ” I’m happy for Aaron, dude deserves it after what he’s done the last two years.” However, the quarterback also mentioned he’ll end up becoming the backup again. But he was in all spirits and said” I’ll do my job and try to be like that when he’s not here.” 

Rogers is coming back this season with back-to-back MVP trophies to begin his 18th year with the Green Bay organization. 

The superstar will look to earn his sum this season starting with a matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on 11 September.