Nicholson, Brownlee review recall college head to head

Bay Region’s large support Andrew Nicholson will not be protecting Barangay Ginebra import Justin Brownlee when the best-of-seven PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals start this Christmas Day at the MOA Field in Pasay City.

In any case, the two imported products shared some history between them, with their university teams going head to head no less than two times during their respective school careers.

Well before Nicholson happened to become famous as a five-year NBA veteran that saw him play for the Orlando Sorcery, the Washington Wizards, and the Brooklyn Nets, the 33-year-old Canadian was a star at St. Bonaventure where he was named the Atlantic 10 Freshman of the Year and All-Defensive group in 2010, preceding winning the MVP in 2012.

Brownlee, then again, saw activity for St. John’s. However he went undrafted in the NBA, he worked his direction in the G League, seeing activity for the Maine Red Claws, and the Erie Bayhawks, prior to going on an overseas visit that saw him play in Italy, France, and in the Philippines, where he has to date, came out on top for five PBA championships and two Best Import awards.

As the two imports glance back at their respective school journeys, Nicholson recollected his school owns a split success-loss record with Brownlee’s St. John’s.

“Better believe it, we played each other I reconsider, and they beat us the first time, and afterward we beat them (the) second time (we met). It was quite a while in the past, and when I realized we were coming to the PBA, I recall his name,” Nicholson told the media during Friday’s true Finals press meeting at the Novotel.

Nicholson had only sparkling compliments for Brownlee, who emitted 46 points during their first PBA go head-to-head on October 9 with Ginebra stampeding over Narrows Region, 111-93.
“He’s (Brownlee) an incredible player,” shared Nicholson. I played and matched against him in school. He’s great as far as I recall, and I’m anticipating an extraordinary showing.”

Brownlee, presently. 34, recollected Nicholson as currently a predominant power in the paint
“No doubt, I recollect that, I think the last game (we looked in school) we won. I can’t actually recollect, yet I truly do recall that we played. He was predominant since he was in school, and I followed him (his profession) since he got drafted in the NBA and seen him (play) in Orlando with the Enchantment,” shared Brownlee.

While more than 10 years back, the two imports were still attempting to fabricate a name for themselves, this time around, they are battling for their respective expert ball club’s magnificence.
Nicholson will attempt to lead the guest group Inlet Region to a PBA title, while Brownlee will attempt to keep that from occurring, while he eyes a sixth league championship as an import for Ginebra.

Interim, a fast dig at the past school results from online sites uncover that Brownlee’s St. John’s outsmarted Nicholson’s St. Bonaventure, 69-68 behind smallish watchman Malik Boothe’s two game-dominating foul shots in the final plan in a Nov. 2009 match.

The next year, Nicholson emerged intensely, sealing his group’s compensation win with a jumper with 5.1 seconds to go and at last prompting St. Bonaventure’s 67-66 squeaker of a success, denoting the Bonnie’s success over the Johnnies interestingly since 1960.

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