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Nikhat Zareen Biography, Career, and Net worth

Nikhat Zareen Biography, Career, and Net worth

Nikhat Zareen of India won the gold medal at the Women’s World Boxing Championship after claiming victory in the 52-kilogram weight class.

Nikhat Zareen of India won the gold medal at the Women's World Boxing Championship after claiming victory in the 52-kilogram weight class.
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She prevailed against the Thai competitor Jitpong Jutamas in the championship match of the flyweight division, which took place on Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey. The match was held in Turkey.

Nikhat has been the fifth Indian woman to win a gold medal in the women’s boxing competition at the World Championships. After achieving such a remarkable victory, she now follows in the footsteps of boxers such as Mary Kom, Sarita Devi, Jenny RL, and Lekha KC.

At the present time, it is estimated that Nikhat Zareen has a net worth that ranges between one hundred thousand and one million dollars (approx.).

Let’s find out more about her, including her age, her family, her work, her background, and her educational background, among other things.

Her biography includes a discussion of Nikhat Zareen’s early life, as well as her age and background.

Nikhat was born on the 14th of June in the year 1996 in the city of Nizamabad, which is located in the state of Telangana in India. This is the year that she will turn 25 years old.

After finishing secondary school, she obtained her diploma from Nirmala Hrudaya Girls High School, which is situated in the city of Nizamabad.

She attended classes at the AV college in Hyderabad, and upon graduation, she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from that institution. Her father, Mohammed Jamil Ahmed, was the one who introduced her to the sport of boxing in the first place.

In addition, he provided her with nearly a year’s worth of instruction in the foundations of boxing at a time when she was first beginning the sport.

Her father observed that she had a significant interest in boxing, so in 2009 he took her to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Vishakhapatnam so that she could train with I. V. Rao, a boxer who had been honored with the Dronacharya award in the past.

The year that she fought, 2010, was also the year that Erode Nationals bestowed upon her the distinction of “golden best boxer.”

Nikhat Zareen’s private life, includes her family, her parents, and other members of her immediate and extended family

She is the third daughter out of the total of four that her family has, making her the middle child of the four girls.

Her father, Jamil Ahmed, is in the business of sales, but her mother, Parveen Sultana, is a stay-at-home mother. Her initial exposure to the sport came in the form of watching her uncle Shamshamuddin, who is a boxing trainer.

This sparked her interest in combat activity. Nikhat got her start in the martial arts by watching her uncle teach his sons how to fight when they were younger. This was how she got her own start.


Both the Youth World Boxing Championship and the AIBA Women’s Junior tournament were held in Turkey in the same year, 2011, and she won both of them.

Her victories came in the flyweight division. She finished in first place in both of the competitions that she entered.

In 2014, she took part in the Youth Boxing World Championships held in Bulgaria and was awarded a silver medal for her efforts.

She boxed internationally and competed in the 3rd Nations Cup, which was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, in the same year. This event was an international championship. There, she triumphed in the competition for the weight class of 51 kilograms, earning the gold medal and the title of champion.

She won the 16th Senior Woman National Boxing Championship in Assam in 2015, where it was held, and she did it with a convincing victory. The desired gold medal was awarded to her as a result of her victory.

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